Make Your Own Sanding Belt

Make Your Own Sanding Belt

I can’t find pre-made sanding belts for my bench top sander with fine grits in Portugal so I started to make some myself from sandpaper roll!

Glue used is Epoxy Araldite Rapid 24ml

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Always be careful when working with power tools and sharpen tools. Use your safety gear and your brain.

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Ahmar Rana says:


Filip Spiric says:

what is the model of that sader?

serkan türkoğlu says:

what is the adhesive you are using

Vel Thraytor says:

So how would this apply to making a whole new belt without an older belt for reference. i just bought some old belt sander where apparently they don’t make belt lengths for anymore so im a bit lost on what to do. I did some measurements and found that the belt will need to be about 1130mm in length (50mm x 1130mm) so do i just buy a belts near that size and cut it down to length….i think i just answered my own question.

Vhbfgggh Ghdtyffgy says:


fade damess123455 says:



Awesome! What kind of glue have you used?

Percy Flores says:

Thanks!! Iam making one now.

Ravin Brijlal says:

Nice up -beat music. Who is the artist?

Islam Yunusov says:


Luis Orozco says:

hello Cris: D, I had a problem, I recently bought a hand-held belt sander, and I had to make the band, I did it without having seen this video, and I used it and it did not sand well I do not know what happened, even the grain It was so fine, it was 100 grit, well now that I watch your video I hear when you say that you have to be aware of the arrows of the sandpaper, and I cut the sandpaper so that the arrows are transversal, NEVER GO TO WORK WELL, true thanks for the video, now I know I must be more aware of the arrows on the sandpapers xD, greetings from venezuela, I love your videos :3

Jeremy Miller says:

nice instructions. but that sander would have to go or be modified. changing the belt took longer than making one. but thank you for the video

karimKadyrov Kadyrov says:


Bhikha Bhai Chauhan B. K. Chauhan says:


Islam Yunusov says:


Yoji Yamada says:


Abhishek Sahu says:

how sandpaper company (new startup) make customer

scottecooke says:

Thankyou for this video. I am going to try this as I can only find 120 grit or lower.

kura kura jack says:

what ur name??????

j dog says:

Where do you get bulk sandpaper like that? ..also, where do the arrows come from if you’re the one making the belt?

April WeGuard says:

may be you need the belt for running which can carry your keys,cards and cell phones to exercise

Unbreakable Baldur! says:

Einhell 😀

Consul Alrefaay says:

thank you

Andrzej X says:

wrong way of making good quality joint for sanding belts 😉

Sam P says:

Don’t it go bump bump ?

ابو محمد الكناني says:

So good 🥇

G RP says:

What is the name of the epoxy that you used to withstand the heat and remain flexible?

Lory Henning says:

Thanks for this. I had some old belts that fell apart because the glue was so old and dried out. Now I see that I can fix them in a pinch!

Rock on Thessaloniki says:

either do you make it .. you are buying a ready price right here in Greece !!..

Islam Yunusov says:

you are so amazing!

Patrick Mallari says:

Great thanks

Mr Phelps says:

Portugal sucks when you want stuff like this! You just have to "desenrascar"! I had never thought of using epoxy. I tried with cola contacto but it broke after about 30 seconds! Just went out and bought a 100metre roll of 180 grit. I shall be making belts for the next decade! Check out "xylonbikes".

Ahmed rosty says:

I am working in Klingspor. Our protection technology very Advance.

Dung Phan Tien says:

thank you very much

VintageAudio says:

Awesome tip! Thanks.

Muhammed Gundogan says:


Djamel Djamel says:

What’s the name of the glue ? Please

Andi welder says:

Good ide.

Ali Ahmad Bilal says:

Can you please give me the name of the glue used ?

David Domingo says:

Quite helpul, thanks.

Black Sambo says:

good Idea

Cobalt33 says:

Running direction on a sanding belt you make depends on the overlap of the seam.

Jason Gardner says:

I wonder if this will work as well for very coarse grit like 36? I’ve meant to ask even though you said in the description you were focused on fine grit. I seem to have a problem finding coarse grit belts that don’t snap apart…so annoying…could be my sander, anyway if you have any insight I’d appreciate it. Thanks for this & other great videos!

Andrea Cantoni says:

Hola , Cristina!!! Te escribo en español porque vi en facebook que escribías así. Mi nombre es Andrea, vivo en Buenos Aires. Quería hacerte una consulta… dónde poder comprar en Portugal una piedra para afilar las herramientas, es decir una waterstone, o ceramic o diamond stone. En realidad la más económica. Mi hermana está en estos momentos en Portugal y va a recorrer Lisboa y Porto. Sería de gran ayuda que me recomendaras un lugar para poder hacerlo. Desde ya muchísimas gracias y estoy suscrita a tu canal y me encantan las cosas que construis. Saludos desde Argentina.

CANUSA Kommando says:

Well done young man.

Cristi Pop says:


diogo monteiro says:

like the vídeo, and I will probably try making them .   I  have the same problem but I have been buying them on ebay UK

yesyoumay says:

1. Do you have some brand names for the flexible epoxy?  2. Is it necessary to cut the sandpaper at an angle rather than straight?  Thanks.

Ali Al-Ke'aiw says:

Nice all sweetie

Adi Ana says:

Belt apa lah tu😄😄😄😄😄😄😄