Lucifer Season 4 FINALE – Lucifer's true final form

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Drew Finn says:

This is terrible lol

Lion Of God says:

I can’t believe they made a show where people actually sympathize with satan , this is sickening

Kafamın İçinde Dönenler says:

Lucifer makes reveal freddy kruger

Seanbhoy CFC says:

1 of the best moments of any TV series ever. It was so badass! 👌 My only question was how did he change his devil wings back to Angel wings at will to go back to hell? Earlier he couldn't control the dragon wings. I think it's because his Angel wings are his gateway back and forth to hell and the other wings are part of his devil/King form which he used at will to command the Demons. It would be nice if that got definitively explained though

arda salt says:

dont get it tho before sayin goodbye to chloe hes wings turnin to a angel wings as he didnt have the deamon wings then back to hell in human form ,cant wait till season 5

etika 2019 says:

When they find the poop sock

Lucas Ratkaew Jürgensen 8B Rungsted Skole says:

More episodes

Obi One says:

I can believe there will only be one more season 😭

MrDiesel says:

this is not even his final form

boboss top shelf says:

Hell may be a million degrees but her panties just caused a flood 😆

Luke Martindale says:

Tbh, I’ve wanted to watch this show, but it seems kind of… dumb. I know I’m gonna get hate for this, but the devil going to start a nightclub or something? Seriously? I might be wrong, but this show looks overrated

Charlie m says:

It's crazy how much his accent has faded since the first episode.

Gee Money says:

He look like jeepers creepers 👹

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