Love Your RV Product Reviews – Sneak Peek of What’s on Deck

In this video, I give you a quick look at 5 RV products I have in the pipeline for a Love Your RV review in the next month or two.

Links to products:

Energizer Generator ezV3200P –
Instant Pot –
VIAIR 450P-RV 12V Air Compressor –
Winegard Connect 2.0 WIfi Booster –
Drainmaster Electric Valves –

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James Hamm says:

Really looking forward to the electric valve install: my Fuzion is not very winter-ready and I think that if I install these in the underbelly (while also insulating all the goodies): I can keep the gray and black fluids from pooling in the hanging pipes…should work great.

JCMakeStuff says:

Skookum disply panel. Have you been watching your fellow Canadian AvE? Looking forward to your reviews on this stuff thanks Ray

Howard Lunsford says:

Ray good video looking forward to seeing the video for the generator thanks for sharing

Julie Poirier says:

Thanks for the good reviews to come,, i have the winegard connect 4G1, like yours but I can buy data plan. Those Data Plan are very expensive in a sense that the Data goes quickly, 1G usable within 30 days can say goodby after 20 min of streaming here a there,, Kind of like on a boat trip Wi-Fi (I hear) very expensive quickly gone. Tell me your experience :-))

jack turtle says:

G'day Ray That generator is an very quit one Last week I came across an bloke last week here in Australia that had one running only less than 25 meters away from us I hardly could hear it
I must say it was in my opinion less in noise than the 2kw Honda we own very impressed with it. Cheers Jack Australia

Mike Salsgiver says:

Dang Ray — I just really enjoy the heck out of your videos. I have the same Viair, but haven't used it yet. Looking forward to seeing how your reviews and mods go this summer. Glad you enjoyed your travels through Oregon — maybe one of these days I will see you and Ann(e?) on the road! Safe travels, my friend.

Bear Bait says:

Looking forward to the grandmaster valve review/install, something I'd be interested in installing.

Bob herry says:

We have an instant pot and LOVE IT! We use it multiple times a week. In fact, I'm actually eating lasuga from it right now

Curt Coffee says:

Speaking of generators would you go the same route with your setup of two champs or anything else? Looking around for the way to go

James Chism says:

Thanks Ray, looking forward to all the reviews! Just curious, no electric valve for the galley tank?

Jerry Daminato says:

We love InstaPot. Bought 6 Qrt. Liked it so much, bought 3 Qrt for RV. it's Canadian you know? Also, 3 Qrt uses 700 watts for short period so you could use it boon docking.

Lucky Charm RV’ing says:

Looking forward to seeing your technique to cleaning up the AC, and of course how these gadgets work out. Great score on the gen 👌🏻

Sean says:

Looking forward to the Winegard review. Great that they dropped the price on these units.

robert mcguire says:

The instant pot is the single best thing I got my gf,less than half the time of a Crock-Pot.ive made ribs in there myself 30 min an five on the grill,just fantastic lil contraption lol

Tom & Laurie Wells says:

i am new to the RV but learning alot love your videos

Dirt Disturber says:

Hey Ray , I seen that the Instant Pot had a recall on it , not sure which model just making you aware of it ! You glad to be back ? lol carry on

A Marmot says:

Love my Viair compressor. Super quality.

Jerefafagus says:

You should install an EasyStart (Micro-Air) on your A/C and do a review. I used to use 2 1800 watt generators in parrallel to run my a/c and now I only need one (on economy mode at that). It cuts the power requirement for initial start up of the a/c. I just installed one a few months ago and I'm very impressed. You should contact them and see if they'll send you one in exchange for a review. I bought mine after watching the 'Gone with the Wynns' YouTube channel review.

Frank P says:

Glad you made it back to the island safely. Fun stuff coming up! I have that same compressor and I just bought the same Insta Pot. As always, I'm looking forward to all your reviews. Take care…..

McKay Sleight says:

I'm not sure that the electric valve would be a good idea if grandkids are anywhere near. We boondock most of the time and I could just imagine the scenario.:)

DnSAdventures says:

Nice! We ended up getting the VIAIR 400P and assumed we could just buy the extra attachment later if needed (believe its the same actual air compressor). So far we like it a lot, but haven't had a chance to actually use it on the RV haha. Thanks for sharing sir, looking forward to the new reviews! – Shane

BB Cooter says:

Ray, you should ask if the Generator comes in a Dual Fuel version (gas/Propane). I love my Dual Fuel Champion because I don't have to be bothered with carrying gas around and I can store the Generator inside my Van without worrying about the fumes.

Ben Dixon says:

Goodonyah Ray looking forward to your great reviews.

Duane Albers says:

Do not leave the insta pot unattended. There have been a few that caught fire. Seems the heat coil in the bottom overheats… might research it before you use it a lot.. good luck

Coho says:

Like some of the others here, I am looking forward to the VIAIR mod too, I have the exact same unit and love it so far.