LIVE UNBOXING – Wolf Watch Winder

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Baldi Locks says:

I can almost smell him though my screen ?

CarlWiganer says:

This nut job sounds like a right knob.

Don Allen says:

Seriously weird, cannot see how this clown enhances the Wolf corporate image.

Chip Wong says:

I bet the folks at Wolf regret sending you a free winder for you to promote. ?

Harris Cohen says:

Winders are a pure waste

Darthibald Vaderfield says:

This is a really great paid review!

gmshadowtraders says:

Wolf is a luxury brand. Made in China.

G Man says:

It inserts the phist 1:16 removes the phist 4:58

Mad Man says:

Wolf = made in china. Dont waste your money on such a crap.

ozzycarnut says:

cringe worthy 'unboxing', complete with wolf howls .. wtf?
anyhoo .. wolf winders are great, ive had 2, had one running over 3 years daily and hasnt missed a beat. orbita and the like cost a bomb. wolfs are cheap and decent quality. can get for about $200 off amazon and most larger jewellery stores.

tom magnum says:

You still got horns.. Fat pig Archie. Oink oink.

kennysharp50 says:

Sounds like an episode of the Alaskan Bush people

PrafitRealtyGroup says:

I would like to know more about Wolf products But this review was terrible

frieswithmayo says:

A winder for your MOTM ???


Dunno if these are not yanno something I would put to use

Heinz Guderian says:

i guess ill have to throw away my watch winder

Dave V says:

What’s the model number. I hope you’ll follow up with a how the darn thing works and if its worth the money. Wolf watch winders are not inexpensive.

Robert Padilla says:

Unless I am crazy I don’t see a link to buy this. Wolf wasted their money. Can’t even put a link in?

Cactus Farmer says:

Has it got the prison adapter?

Cactus Farmer says:

Is this for winding the Undone ?

Nathan Serna says:

I think the horns would make excellent winders as well starchie

Nathan Serna says:

Its all about the snobbery phuckers

starwarsfanatic says:

Please support Archie

Charles Brown says:

This is the kind of first class content that should be on the corporate.

Pula Micah says:

So this is the channel that was supposed to be reserved for paid watch reviews. Good start.

Dis Count says:

looks like a stubby holder …….phor tubby phuckeroonies

Adamas says:

Nice winder mate. I have the Wolf Roadster Single Winder. It has more setting and it’s really nice ?

The Artist formally known as Dick Dastardly says:

What make is that box?

JDave Foster says:

Wind, wind, wind the bobbin

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