Linus Attempts BGA Graphics Chip Repair! – Rossmann Repair Group, New York City

Linus Attempts BGA Graphics Chip Repair! – Rossmann Repair Group, New York City

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Louis Rossmann wasn’t too happy about our “video card revival” video from a few months back… So he invited us to his shop to show us how to ACTUALLY repair electronics!

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Amithrius says:

Louis communes with the goyim

Jarred McClure says:

I love how louis keeps awkwardly looking back and forth because he’s not used to a cameraman😂

soundtuner1 says:

what did we learn linus loves watching balls dry xd

Thomas Atkinson says:

I saw the video Rossmann put up, and it was completely humbling. you gotta be a snowflake to take offense to that video.
The video wasn’t about hurting someone’s feelings. it was a passionate, humbling, and completely truthful video about how Linus tech tips needs to check their shit before they spread misinformation to their viewers which could result in people destroying their shit.
He wasn’t wrong. and everything he said was true, and necessary weather it hurt or not.

If I was the one who made this kind of mistake, and got a roasting lecture from Rossman like this, I would sit down, listen, and I would say "you know what, ur right… I should not have done that, and I should have done my research first.

Eternal Winter says:

Cruising around with a Razer backpack. What a nerd XD

fitnesspoint2006 says:

Why Linus look HIV-AIDS…

Leo Younis says:

It’s a shame when unexperienced guy tried to use THE RIGHT MACHINE to do the job that it made for this and he fail yet ppl still insist that the oven is a better way to fix. 🤦‍♂️ Same exact idiots who slams a TV/RADIO to work and it worked by chance.
if you want to give an advice? You need to know who deserves it.

john fox says:

You guys need more vids together

N0D0hNuts says:

A while back… a certain printer company had a defective board in all their printer. What they did is extend the warranty by 2 years and replaced the boards as they failed (they were failing one after the other). But then, they went out of board for a while due to high demands. The solution : they told us to bake the board as it was a defective solder joint that had failed on the board as a temporary fix until they got new board in stock.

eric porter says:

These 2 make good videos. Lol

Toby Hinloopen says:

I love how awkward Louis Rossman is standing there. "Do I look at the camera? Or Linus? Camera? Linus? Eh"

Sajuk says:

Watched this again as it has come back to me in reccommended videos after watching Louis Rossman Videos. "Push start and hope nothing blows up" with that statement the 2 of them couldn’t be any more similar to one another lol

InnocentFormalities says:

When soy boys ask for an apology you ignore them and put them to work. Me likey

polbaik says:

Linus is just a dumb person

Folk says:

What’s up with the tie??

Shadow Wolf says:

you still didn’t take a electronic course yet. did you linus . lol.

João Viegas says:

you gotta admire Linus attitude, he is a really good sport

loopysausage says:

8:36, my life story. 😐

Donnie says:

they need to team up more =D

Sean Zhang says:

Wait, put Logic Board into oven? Wow, that’s toxic thing. Eww.

Patrick Kennedy says:

anyone sense the tension , i feel Rossmann felt cornered but i wouldnt say anything about a person on video that i wouldnt say to his or hers face

J B says:

Thumbs up for Mr. Shark the oven mit

TheBiggerSelf says:

The guy is open Monday to Friday from 10 to 9, an from 10 to 6 during the weekend…
Does he have a life?

Frizky says:

4300$ for that space? phhhhh!

Jack Carter says:

2:25 new Fortnite map looks good

Lucas Kostenko says:

holy crap I spotted my seiki 39in 4k in the background, went off on some googling spree.. end up modding it to do 120hz, found the bass boost and back light controls, thanks 2016 for the boost into 2019

FUNKOfilms says:

I like how he avoided pronouncing GIF.

Guyver2391 says:

“Hit start and hope nothing blows up” what I want on my tombstone

And Fox says:

Чувак с рюкзаком Razer зажарил видик в печке и решил что может учить Луиса как правильно ремонтировать электронику? Забавно 😉

Michael Zivalich says:

this is a good one

Sherlock Holmes says:

Louis is looking so cute

cajunO21 says:

The only other way to make this 100% fool proof is a machine that can test chips to determine if they are good in the first place rather then guessing… Like that will ever happen… How can the chinese afford to reverse enginere a product? Maybe they have a few billion more consumers then the rest of the world?

itsnotatoober says:

Is Linus a 6 foot 8 year old ? I don’t get him. Am I close?

Daniel Lima says:

Hi Louis!

Ziel Amerak says:

I "fix" an old notebook compaq CQsomething just with an old Hair Dryer, it work for another 3 month thanks to that. in my country the reballing cost almost the same that a new motherboard and I weren’t to spend money on that.

MaximumNewbage says:

I watched the vid Louis made before this one, where he read his response letter to your initial request to collaborate and explained what a great sport you were, and in a more level-headed tone explain why he was miffed at how videos like your oven vid harms the computer repair industry.

I gotta say, he looked and sound way more self assured and way less awkward than he did in this video. Like his body language here is so incredibly stiff and awkward. Seems that introducing other people into the filming environment messes with his ability to film. Interpersonal interaction. Sometimes, it’s a bitch.

Obsidian 999 says:

I side with Linus because not everybody can afford the expensive equipment. Yet, I would like to see a more professional set up that is cheaper to easier to use.

Ivan Sakantsau says:

guys !!! you’re awesome !!!

Catieria Shiblodski says:

Looking at the camera like better not break it
I will kill you

everusa15 says:

you have no fuxking clew what you were doing there…

thegrimyeaper says:

Fire whoever decided to put on orchestra and jazz music at random moments.

El Pancho says:

dont take off the chip just get a blow dryer and heat that shit at max for 2 mins at close range 😀 it works

Ed Robinson says:

cou magic eye

Dohn Joe says:

You will never get an apology from a Jew. You’ll be rather called anti-Semitic (whatever the hell that bullshit means). In my book a Jew is a liar, so anti-Semitic means anti-Liars.

filo martinez says:

Wonder why Linus has not been deemed any recognition for his videos from Bill Gates…awesome videos Linus…

John Doe says:

linus is about that life, pulled up and wanted all the smoke

Phillip Woody Shepherd says:

Dam that is some serious plugging in, I struggle to plug in my bath..

Steven Corbo says:

Yes but you didn’t give a plug to Luis rossman’s YouTube videos

David Paul says:

Louis to Linus: you don’t fix pcb’s by putting them in a #%*ing oven! @2:15 Pulls pcb out of oven and hands it to Linus. 🤣

Bob Anderson says:

I love Louis Rossmann’s channel and yours, its great to see the collaborations even two years late!