Lil Dicky – Pillow Talking feat. Brain (Official Music Video)

Lil Dicky – Pillow Talking feat. Brain (Official Music Video)

Do you fuck with the war?

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Written and Performed by Lil Dicky/Dave Burd
“Pillow Talking” produced by Charlie Handsome and the Digital Rick Flair aka Digi

Directed by Tony Yacenda

Starring Dave Burd, Taylor Misiak and Brain

Director of Photography – Alan Gwizdowski

Edited by Brian Vannucci

Production Design – Cody Fusina

Production and Visual Effects by Giant Propeller

Executive Produced by Jordan Freda and Mike Bodkin

Produced by Tom Quinn

VFX and Post Producer – Oscar Velasquez

VFX Supervisor – Marek Jezo

First AD – Lyon Reese
Script Supervisor – Sara Geralds

Lil Dicky – Dave Burd
Girl – Taylor Misiak
Brain – Brain
God – John C Reilly
Soldiers – Owen Rousu, Derek Pratt, Carlos Lopez, Isaac Lopez, Kiyano La’vin, Nick Coolidge, Sean Carrigan, PJ McCabe

Camera First Assistant – Erin Douglass
Camera Second Assistant – Sarah Grenwald
MOCO – Simon Wakely
MOCO Assistant – Chris Toth
DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) – Daniel Woiwode
DIT Assistant – Alessia Assissi
Art Director – Taylor Frost
Set Dresser – Tao Grasham
Property Master – Taylor Wolf
Gaffer – David Cronin
Key Grip – Kevin Keirstead
Best Boy Grip – Vassily
Grip PA – Jason Kierstead
Wardrobe Stylist – Kassey Rich
Hair and Make Up Artist – Liza Lash
BTS Photographer – Yulia Shcherbinina
Office Production Assistant – Eric Cepeda
Set Production Assistants – Lars Slind, Alexxa Slind, Vickram Bhoyrul
Board Operator – Phil Gailer
Playback – Bob Tiwana
Choreographer – Ian Eastwood
Casting by Kerry Baker
Catering by Diane Timmons
Animal Trainers – Barbara Edrington, Chris Edrington, Heather Long

Second Unit
First Assistant Director – Boma Pennebaker
Second Assistant Director – Colin Weinburg
Director of Photography – Steeven Petitteville
Camera First Assistant – Melissa Spom
DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) – Joe Hedge
Art Director – Joel Sappington
Gaffer – Ace Underhill
Key Grip – David Nunez
Best Boy Electric – Ian Crawley
Dolly Grip – Mikey Gilmore
Armorer – Logan Freda
Wardrobe Stylist – Heather Flores
Hair and Make Up Artist – Kseniya Durst
Still Photographer – Morgan Schmidt
VFX Supervisor – Marek Jezo
Production Coordinator – Rachael Campbell
CG Lead – Lubomir Timko
Lead Compositor – Adam Dusa
Compositor – Oliver Popellar
Matchmove and Roto Artist – Lhbomir Jezo
2D Artist – Rober Hruska
3D Artist – Raphaela Klein
Concept Artist – Byzwa Dher
FX Artist – Ondrej Polacek, Mikas Saduskas
3D Artist – Rober Spicuk, Tomas Krizan, Dominik Liscak, Oliver Otruba, Martin Kaperak, Lukas Jankovcin, Rudo Herstek, Erik Mascak
Animator – Tomas Danay, Andrea Jacevicova, Adam Sadion, Vladimir Krajniak, Lukas Figel, Marian Villaris, Standa Sekela
Animation – Samuel Puchovsky, Martin Durmik
Storyboard Artists – Mishi McCaig, David Green
Pre-Vis Artists – Vlad Streitsov, Omrah Menkes
Post Production Company – Giant Propeller
Colorist – Sebastian Perez-Burchard
Post Producer – Oscar Velasquez
Audio Post Services – Voodoo Highway
Sound Designer – David Brian Kelly
Re-Recording Mixer – Richard Segal

Thank you to MeUndies


BerryBoo91 says:

I’mma put dinosaurs on that bish 😂😂

VinoBianco says:

watching the intro, crying tears

kisha !!! says:


Andrew says:

LD: "They would eat your titties"
Wolf: "and your pussy"
LD: "that’s what they do"
Wolf: "and your face and shit"

Addicted Bulbasaur says:

"But? That’s your God at work bitch, like we go hard on Earth" lmao

Samaira says:

This bitch don’t know about pangea 😂

Wesley Little says:

Every time this nigga daps off brain i die laughing

joel anderson says:

Do you duck with the war

howlin fish says:

Brain gotta poop!

ITSWENCE 1 says:

Damn L Tap Twice

Calcifire says:

She should’ve leave lol

SalvaxeVisuals死亡 says:

All morons from tik tok don’t destroy this song please

The Doomer says:

Bro you need to make a movie.

Phantasy Photography says:

lol is it bad that I know this word for word?

Cylis 20 says:

This was awesome

Lil Nugget says:

AHAHAHAHA FIRST you should poop. Don’t neglect the brain 🤣

Luca Allegrezza says:

Lil dicky and aminé should collab

Hbk Jay says:

This really make you think😵

Tyler Weathersby says:

Bro this fire

Jack Reilly says:

I think this is a hilarious song minus the brain parts

Ricoux Lucid says:


Manuel Tehandon says:

The wolves love women

Adam Davis says:

Why do I want more of this shit

Johnson Osborne says:

"Brain on some other shit thou"

Vote4DahV says:

John C. Reilly as God lol

Xd C__ter says:

So she’s religious, but she had sex before marriage **nick young meme*

Somya Anand says:


Avery Briner says:

bitch dont know bout pangea

Zach Telsey says:

Crazy how she’s a Christian but has sex outside of marriage

Maxim retro says:

LIL .!.

JELC says:

cant believe it was 10 mins. i didnt feel it at all

lpscake 1234 says:

I’m here from tik tok

Scack says:

Love this so much

Xavier Victorino says:

But if I’m not mistaken this bitch to my left guarantees there’s a god.. Haha fucking classic…

andrew says:

watching this high is so much more enjoyable

Emmanuel Rosas says:

Wolves will eat your tiddys and your pussys and her face and shit

mercster says:

This is the dumbest goddamn song I’ve ever heard in my entire life. Thanks, millenials.

Celaina Baroncini says:

"Don’t call brain names."

deionisia Vance says:

Brain gotta poop!… Still

Trevor Vrany says:

Do u fuck with the work? 🤣

Dawg Nation says:

That was funny as hell when he said the wolves would eat her titties and the wolf said and you pussy lol

Eduardo Machaieie says:

Sup hot #Hotsong

Hbk Jay says:

Apples to oranges

Matthew Ramos says:

Best part 8:30-9:00

Naruto Sasuke says:

I swear lil dicky did this for shits a giggles

Kimonie Miller says:


Hamilton Moagi says:

"Earth go hard"

Boneless Pizza769 says:

"They would eat yo titties…and yo pussy…and yo face an shit"

Ellener Owl says:


Triangel says:

Midgets at a circus.