Learning Songs | ABCs, Colors, 123s, Growing-up And More! | Preschool Songs | From LittleBabyBum!

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Songs About Numbers, ABC’s and shapes:


LBB and friends:

Ten little animals | Counting for kids:

ABC song:

Enjoy this fun compilation, starting with Little Puppy Song and plus lots more nursery rhymes!

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00:04 Ten Little Buses
02:20 Potty Song
03:42 Ten In The Bed
06:11 Five Little Monkeys part 2
08:24 Shapes Song
10:23 Brush Teeth Song
12:05 No Monsters
14:34 Color & Actions
17:00 Numbers Song 10-100
18:51 ABC Train
20:37 ABC Bubbles
22:40 Six Little Ducks
24:34 Ten Little Animals
25:54 ABC Balloons
27:47 Animal Sounds
30:06 ABC Phonics
31:35 Big and Small
33:23 Sharing Song
35:07 Five Little Speckled Frogs
37:39 Three Little Kittens
39:56 Days Of The Week
41:34 Colors & Objects
42:48 Colour Train
44:36 Five Little Monkeys part 1
46:31 ABC Song
48:31 Five Little Ducks
50:37 Wash Hands
52:17 Rainbow Colors
53:48 Numbers Song 1-20
55:59 Getting Dressed
57:31 Numbers Song 1-10
59:32 Months Of The Year
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Nada Hazem says:

Thank you so much!!!my sis is 2 years she learned

Arielle Turner says:

My daughter is now 6months. She's been watching since birth. She will not watch anything else. Tried Sesame Street & her focus isn't the same. She sits 30mins to a 1hr watching these. Thanks for the continuous uploads.

Lawrence Rizon says:

nice combi for my 2 yrs old baby. ☺

Mary Collins says:

My brother love this song 1 year old

Yachat Sankey says:

My 20months old love this

Anna Baciejowska says:

relaxing for me and my three year old cousin

Carl Gaudia says:

i am 11 years old but i love it

Ulises Rodriguez says:

My 12month brother loves dis

cash me ouside is here says:

my bro loves this

Hazel Kate Infante says:

it's so beautiful songs

Rachel Ann Tayo says:

Why does my child love this buses?? Hahhaha (obsess)

Unicorn Gamer says:

She wants to watch it again she has already watched this 12 times!!!!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂

John Sullivan says:

so i get the no monsters in my home part, but what caused the closet door to open, thats the real question!

all jokes aside, thanks for the content, my baby loves it

Crosby Mouzavires says:

my sister this movie

Leonardo Menezes says:

My brother loves the show he even laughs ❤️❤️🦄lol

Talia Ames says:

my brother love this show

Unicorn Gamer says:

My 3 year old daughter loves these songs it’s helping her a lot in preschool 😁👍🏻 good job (edit) I’m still watching this with my kid and she won’t let me turn it of we have to keep replaying it lol

G J says:

thank you for making this video my baby boy has been learning so much he knows all of the songs he even sings them every day

Mharramieh Lonzanida says:

my baby loves watching little baby bum video she is 5months old. thankyou littlebabybum..

batangdabarkads says:

my baby love this video thank

Majestic Leo7 says:

I love LBB make more videos 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Camila's Family says:

💛💛💛Good video!💛💛💛

Tonita Madison says:

My darter love this make more little baby bum

Heather Cosimini says:

This is one of kaylee's favorite playlists

B0NNiEBUYS says:

My baby hates riding In the car. He cries his lungs out! But thanks to this video he becomes calm & stops crying in the car. So now I just play it when we are getting into the car & he is fine. He is 4 months old but we have been listening to this since he was 1 month old. Love it

Camila's Family says:

Amazing video!

Tae Diggs says:

I love it so much

just meow says:

Wow amazing it teach my baby sisters thanks