Learn how to play mahjong in 2.5 minutes

Learn how to play mahjong in 2.5 minutes

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Mahjong is a tile-based game that’s been played in Asia for over 300 years and is gaining global popularity. Although the game is hard to master, it’s fairly easy to learn the basics.


Wai Tsui says:

Nah too difficult to teach a newbie Mahjong.

Mother Jauregui 7/27 says:

My grandparents constantly play this but I still don’t get it

Ko tQ says:

Umiem i uwielbiam 🙂

Elliot Sterling says:

Fujianese Majong is the best Majong variation.

Cale Gray says:

why do you use tiles instead of playing cards?

Jeff Cockmann says:

i learned a bit how to play from the "yakuza" games on playstation. Its hard to remember the scoring hands. Also its a bit hard to differentiate the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 etc.. on certain tiles. But there are sets that have the number on each tile for beginners

I Worried About The Worlds says:

I still don’t understand tho Iam chinese lol

Justice Blackwolf says:

welp this video ruined me… ill stick to the online versions (solo)

Rex says:

This is only helpful if you need a refresher on rules not to learn it

Halley Stezoucoski says:

I didn’t get it 🙁

康 康 says:


Raymond says:

Nah. Blackjack is simpler. Too hard

Mouse says:


Jack lin says:

I learn nothing in this video

joeventura1 says:

It’s Gin Rummy with tiles kids

giovanni panganiban says:

Title should be , how i beat my opponents in 2.5 minutes 👍🏻

- Doom says:

instrctions unclear, house burned down

Frodokeuh says:

This game destroyed so many family xD

Camille Lee says:

I still dont understand 😂😂😂😂

NeZ CooL says:

I still don’t get it. This video is too damn short….

Amiga A1200 says:

I play mahjong too, but not for money. Just a family game like monopoly and connect 4.

therank777 says:

LOL that didnt explain shit

JK JK says:

Remember when you have fun you will be in debt!

Elly Kimbual says:

I used to play this on our computer when there was no wifi🤧

Alfredo Mayer says:

Every day, every hour, Mahjong games and tournament at RedMahjong com!


Ok… It looks easy but I don’t understand nothing.. 🤔 🙄

UnitedEarthEmpire says:

I still dont know how to play…

Dave K. says:

This must be what they do across the street twice a month

America Frickyeah says:

Man I would rather watch Akagi much better then watching the real life version

Fringes says:

Playing Mahjong is always between life and death, there’s no fun in it. You tell an Asian to have fun playing Mahjong is like telling a cat to fly.

Jiaxi Tse says:

How do you know who plays first when rolling the dices

Booby Chan says:

Idk why I’m watching this , I’m not even gonna play that

Ierham bbxツ says:

So.. its only 1 winner?

rahel sue says:

They make it from bonechina

1Slamalama1 says:

The Mahjong I know how to play is the matching game on my computer.

Inn0ko says:

Holy Moly, jetzt klauen uns die Chinesen sogar auch noch Rommé

WTFitness Channel says:

This is not the same Majong I’ve been playing!


Best way to learn mahjong and cards: Join a Chinese family during CNY and have fun

Silent Alien Gaming says:

i think I saw this game being played on the kung fu panda tv series

bersi raw says:

This video just brought up more questions 😀

Emmanuel Enriquez says:

After watching… still doesn’t get it! #PoorMe

steven john says:

I learned better by seeing akagi manga

bluenightv says:

This is the most Chinese video I’ve seen.

Wolver Lex says:

No fun.. the one who lose always FUCK…

Nashh01 says:


noreworks says:

no booze, smoke and money at the table?

GothStocking says:

Marimekko spotted. TORILLE!

Pinoy React Media says:

I did not learn anything

{class & ass kpop fan} says:

My grand parents love this ugh. I’m from Singapore

m a says:

Saw this in crazy rich Asians and now I want to learn lol