Learn English Grammer Vol 1 Kids Educational Videos

In this story all childern want to speak in english, but some of them want to speak english. for more english grammer they went to the friend . fish told all basic English grammar.

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alan natali says:

Hello!! Nice vídeo, thank you 🙂

Janifah Bilal says:

i like this you make me happy

Janifah Bilal says:

i like your vodio

Ko Ko says:

bad voices.

Naina Waghela says:

Pls is video ko Hindi me bhi bata sakte he pls

Na Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe Ugwemubwem Osass says:

Good accent indianBut I'm improving accent british

Empress Kay says:

I also found this bit.ly/fast-learning

Empress Kay says:

Wow, this is great.

ali hussein says:

If any one to pratctice english with me this is my skype alinrcc1983

Sam Onichi says:

English Indian accent?! Uh…….Okay!

Rajat Kharwar says:

its really awesome lesson.

Rajat Kharwar says:

its really awesome lesson.

Hitesh Kalal says:

i want to learn english .anyone will be my partner