L’ANGE Hair Product & Curling Wand Test & Review | Big Loose Curls Tutoriall

I attempt to girl, well attempt to hair. I’m hair challenged. Watch me try this new lovely line of hair products and a curling wand! Also watch me try to use a fat curling wand for the first time haha!

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L’ange spring giveaway: http://langehair.com/spring-giveaway/
Check out their website: http://langehair.com

Products shown:
1.25” blush curling wand: http://langehair.com/hair-styling-tools/curling-wand/ondule-titanium-1-1/14-inch-32mm-clipless-curling-iron-blush/

Rival heat shield: http://langehair.com/hair-care-products/volume-hold/rival-heat-shield/

Grand debut root booster: http://langehair.com/hair-care-products/volume-hold/grand-debut-root-booster/

Deja vu dry shampoo: http://langehair.com/hair-care-products/hair-shampoo/deja-vu-dry-shampoo/

Trios chic three way hairspray: http://langehair.com/hair-care-products/volume-hold/trois-chic-three-way-hairspray/

Salt + sea texturizing spray: http://langehair.com/hair-care-products/volume-hold/salt-sea-texturizing-spray/

“It is finished.” ~John 19:30

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Disclaimer: These products were sent to me by the company for review. All opinions are my own. I am not sponsored by any companies. Only the Ebates link is affiliate, no others. I am never trying to brag.


Amanda Armstrong says:

With the new larger straightener it would be better for your longer hair! How long did the curls last?

Anny Aviles says:


Ashley O'Diam says:

Did you ever end up using the sea salt spray? What did you think? Do you have a video?

Colletta Owens says:

Amazing. And the curling iron is the bomb too. Thanks.

Cassidy Novak says:

How do you get companies to send you product to try?

Vanessa Trevino says:

What Do you have to do so they can send you products for review ??

jacq says:

slayin' those curls

ParanormalTV says:

So I had a terrible day, but you and a few other of my favorite YouTubers uploaded, so it took my mind of everything for a while. 🙂

HeyItsRayo says:

Langgeee 😂

May Twist says:

I love when you have simple makeup.

PrinceMoon says:

💁💁when your favorite girl on YouTube uploads a video and your heart jumps out of your chest because she's amazing in every way ❤❤

Ty Nicole says:

Amazing vid madi