Kids vocabulary compilation – Words Theme collection|English educational video for kids
Kids vocabulary compilation – Words Theme collection – Learn English for kids – English educational video

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— Title: Kids vocabulary compilation —

Action Verbs –
Body –
Family –
Color –
Human Sounds –
Clothes –
Fruits & Vegetables –
Solar System –
Opposite Words –
Olympic Sports –
Halloween –
Feel –
Job –
Shape –
Animal Sounds –
Calendar –
Christmas –

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Nana Ama Esther Badu says:

My son has been learning words with your videos and thanks to you he’s good at identifying things but i want to express my concern about how you refer to the word YAWN! In this video, at 32:21, you teach the kids that verb YAWN, is HOHUM…… I’m afraid thats quite misleading. You also spell COUGH wrongly. The word COUGH in this video is spelt KOFF. Please correct these mistakes. Besides that, u’re doing great👌🏾

Andrejs Rogovs says:

board game? huh

John Smith says:

Pity about the awful American accent!

Sadiq Khan Sadiq Khan says:

I like it, people are very nice.. English with cartoons

Ben Johnson says:

Whoever thinks this is good, clearly doesn't think much into what their child is watching… You might as well just say random words and assume your child is learning something.

Bear says:

you helped me for learning good job guys and cool

Qh Lu says:

Thanks so much. It's the best English Courses for my kids.

اقرا وتعلم ثم ناقش وتكلم says:

محتوى قناتكي شي فاخر على الآخر وقناتكي روعة 👏وتستحق كل التقدير✌ والنجاح 🌸وهي اروع تفاعل وارجو منكم الاشتراك في قناتي وشكرا

Sonali Sawant says:

This is very nice channel … my 2 yr son liked each n every video which is really useful… nice job 👍👍👍

Prince Kyle says:

So cool the video helps my kid learn become a scientist nurse he is teen NOW his a coin

Prince Kyle says:

Buenos Dias

Fhayruze Luna says:

This is very nice!!!! 😍
I'm from Brazil and speak english today with my Family because of you Channel.. . 😎😉