After weeks of anticipation, the kids finally get to open the mystery box! Benji receives one of the most exciting items in the mail, and we love to watch cooking shows! Don’t forget to”thumbs up” if you enjoy the vlogs!


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HeyhhIkhaa says:

13:33 Judy: Y’know, daddy & Uncle Sean wrote this book?
Keira: * FLOORED *


Maha Arshad says:

Keira is my spirit animal?

karebear848 says:

I hate zits

Adina McCray says:

Benji: SCIENCE?!

Huda Alnaily says:

I was dreaming of your pasta yesterday ??

itsyoursemaleaxo says:

one of my favorite makeup looks on you!!!

Hannah Mani says:

Brilliant Video ??

Aleka says:

Omg keira that reaction of yours is so funnyy and cute ???

Faye Tayao says:

Keira’s face is everything ???

Desmond Castro says:

BlackBerry picking seems like a cool idea about now. You look marvelous & radiant, Judy. I see the girl finally opened the mystery box. Science with pasta social ? I got a couple of youtube videos out. Tiny ones. Just type my name if ya wanna check em' out.

Tess Sa says:

There r a number of get rich You Tube books on Amazon. Why buy yours?

Marilyn Bennett says:

Where was Miya's lab coat and goggles? She was the big sister lab scientist. You go Miyako!

Rhianne,amber,feli,rylca's channel Girls says:

Keira's sooooooooooo cute!!!!!! ???

Anne Marie Chan says:

JB’s hair is goals mannn!!

Arra Masangkay says:

all smiles while looking at Austin
omg I think this is love hahaha!

Kadey D says:

How are they still only at 1M when narcissistic beauty vloggers are at 4M up…..Give love where it deserves yo!!

marion collins says:

Benji, just read a report from Harvard that states coconut oil is literally poison. Might be worth looking into.

Camille M. says:

Keira’s facial expressions!! ?????

Hydie Hess says:

Yay for benji adding more recipes on his channel! I'm making the Japanese sweet potato with miso butter recipe this morning – cant wait to try more!

Cheska Lelina says:

Ya know Keira could be Mark Weins daughter ?

Patricia Mendoza says:

I love this vlog! Also find it a little funny that Benji was wearing his Youtube sweats when you gave him the book ? Love you and your family!

Muriel Frazier says:

Happy Birthday Rhino:)) The girls all look adorable all ready for camp. Really enjoyed seeing the different science toys. Congrats on the book Benji & Sean!

charmaine g says:

How take long will it do. HAHAHAHAHA.

Julie Abcede says:

That's amazing Benji!!!! I'll definitely be buying a book! can't wait!!!

nath x says:

Its so cute and funny when JB scream "science" when benji open the door ?

Haifa M says:

Are they still going to move to an new house?

camilleXO13 says:

Benji is SO FUNNY during the berry /running scene. He's just being himself

Lil Panney says:

As your babies grew up they're just getting more adorable !! I love ittt ❤️❤️❤️ your vlogs makes me happy I watched you and your family everyday

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