K in the Kage Episode 1, plus I got a crossbow shell!

Hey guys, this is the first official K in the Kage.
Annotations coming later!
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Andrew Phelan says:

The thing that worry's me about the centurion is, that little kids will have something of nic worthiness

Kronos Nerf Mods says:

I would take a doomsayer any day, and not only because of mobility. But if range wise if this thing actually gets 100ft, then I would hope that these would be banned for NIC wars.

NJThreat says:

they are proboly join to ban the centurion at wars and also doomsayers would be way better then them because the centurion is 5 feet long and a doomsayer is only 3

Kronos Nerf Mods says:

Oh, I thought that he actually hunted midgets.
That's not quite as cool of a story.

SaintCheerio says:

Faddle was a member on Nerfhaven a while ago. He frequently visited NerfChat where he was super annoying and Lucy disliked him.

Kronos Nerf Mods says:

I will do my best sir!

Kronos Nerf Mods says:

It's a bit more messy in person, plus I need to do some repairs to the shell with epoxy putty, and it wouldn't go with the paint.

UncoveredGamers UG says:

Dont ude misic its inoying

darkmatter says:

dang i was going to buy that crossbow shell

Kronos Nerf Mods says:

If they are hitting 100ft flat as the claim goes, then i assume they will be very competitive as NIC wars modified. If not and its something like 85ft flat (100ft angled) then they will be slightly less competitive. Either way, I think they will have a huge modding potential, which is what I don't like about it.