Justice League vs. the Fatal Five

The animation is so nostalgic! From the new movie Justice League vs. the Fatal Five.


Kushal Shanbhag says:

If most of the JL members could fly then why are they using plane

jaseandjohn says:

"You are scary" The power of Batman my guy

TheSilverPhoenix100 says:

0:16 gotta love how Superman gives little to no fucks that they are about to crash

RSean says:

I like his this was done in the JLU style with the voice actors of the time.


As if a Martian would go down so easy 😒 I see the bruce tim batman fan wank hasn't changed much

Also as much as I like conroy in the role, I can tell from his voice how old he's getting

John Bennett says:

He called him Skeletor ha

Alex Kong says:

God knows I miss this too much

xXGrEyZXx says:

Though its the original animation , doesn't feel the same with all the new faces

Derrick Jones says:

Dude I Love this fight scene Wonder Woman whoops ass she don't be playin and batman nothing but bad ass

Jermon C says:

This was a good movie

demondojr says:

Fatal Five? Who makes up these names.

Sergey Doronin says:

-Mano was able to sent supes flying, he also jumped high enough to catch a flying superman.
-Can't beat batman in hand-to-hand combat.

Wolf says:

As much as I would love another movie to continue the DCAU story with the Justice League, I hope more for Unlimited to return for a 6th season.

loafhero says:

Its great to see a DC Animated movie that's NOT part of that shitty DC Animated Universe movies.

Adam Brown says:

This is really cool to see the old art style, but this does make me wonder, is this still related to the events of the last few movies? Because if so the sudden change back to the old style and voice actors is a little jarring, not unwelcome in any sense but at the same time if this movie is supposed to be after the reign of the supermen then personally I would have preferred consistency, however if this is a stand alone movie, then that's fine, so long as the others keep their style.

DHVO says:

Amazing how far the animation has come. Very fluid.

J Patterson says:

Superman getting his ass whipped as usual, and Wonder Woman whipping ass as usual

Eric Dunn says:

Make a Justice League, Masters of the universe crossover and have Batman beat down Skeletor.

benjie bugarin says:

what episode is that?

Alpha Jay 3.0 says:

The animation never looked so awesome.

Ferrell Kang says:

3:48 "Fall, you bastard!"

Syed Murtaza says:

How the fucking strongest been get hurt or back off by a laser gun which can't even damage a steel normal steel or pass through it

Syed Murtaza says:

And Superman suppose to be fastest so he should have stopped that are from entering the plane
And so I

hobbit says:

this was the only good animation style from DC. they need to go back to this JLU like stuff

Destroy the liberal Machine Now says:

God this one was horrible. One of the few misses DC animation has put out


And the Emerald Empress is…….

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