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Watch all of judge David Walliams golden buzzers on Britain’s Got Talent!

Featuring auditions from:

Lorraine Brown
Christian Spridon
Anne and Ian Marshall
Kyle Tomlinson
Donchez Dacres
Flakefleet Primary School Choir

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Behzad Rezaei says:

واقعا شادی ,نشاط ,و مهربانی و انسانیت رو در مردم آمریکا بوضوح میتوان دید

Maverick Versus Everything says:

"How to get David's Golden buzzer RETURN  RETURN  RETURN  RETURN Get him hyped up. Lmao" <- Samesies!!

Ahsan Aleem says:

Wiggle wine was the best

Jangsinliu Kamei says:

He is funnyly amazing😂😙😍

Vito Chan says:

Hello, I also have a lot videos for improving English Speaking, please click on link below. Thanks

Kerwin Cano says:

Omayghad look at simon when He pushes the golden buzzer

وردة الصباح aljanabi says:

مقسومتلهم مرحينننن


One kind of dramatic episode

paul wignall says:

Also…….if LOST VOICE was the true winner….then why does YouTube block the PEOPLE'S COMMENTS…?

tothedit tothedit says:

Fantastastic 👌👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Jj Marayan says:

David s verry good heart❤

Suresh Sagolshem says:

Really full entertainer most kindness brave judge always I luv devid

arieson diaz says:

13:59 the best so far…

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