Judge Judy S23E88 – Best Amazing Cases Episodes

Judge Judy S23E88 – Best Amazing Cases Episodes

Judge Judy Sheindlin, a former judge from New York, tackles actual, small claims cases with her no-nonsense attitude in which damages of no more than $5,000 can be awarded.


Rebelle Athena says:

Fat pig defendant Gorman in the first case is the kind of person who will always try to win every single conversation eventhough he is wrong🤣..that fresh mouth and smug face need to be slap.
Seems like he wants neighbours to follow his law.Move to your own island and create your own regulations..Or maybe the whole neighbourhood should hire him as a security walking up and down night and day since he got nothing else to do with his sad life.I bet everyone on that street hate him.

Zoe Betts says:

that guy in the first case is a cunt

PJ Tippett says:

Who wants to be bothered with people fining you for things like a small shed on your property. In the backyard at that. Passed on two homes after reading ridiculous HOA rules.

Zoe Betts says:

2nd defendant is a bitch, I would’ve had to hire someone to beat her ass

Jay says:

That pompous fool (defendant) in the first case is why people hate HOA. He needs to go to the gym.

meme says:

Imagine living like that, (1st case).

jillian mcallister says:

Never move into a HOA/gated community

PJ Tippett says:

2nd case her laughing was silly. Poor man got snookered by a young one. Hope he’s learned a lesson.

Kelly Hanan says:

Why do these people call judge Judy sir shes a woman not a guy you idiots

Savage Rice Cake says:

The first defendant is a JERK

Vanessa Martinez says:

The Defendant is giving George Zimmerman vibes.. Dude is crazy.. Fools like him don’t need a gun, Fucking lunatic. He chasing ppl around the neighborhood, fat fuck needs to be doing laps around the neighborhood.

Jay says:

That last case, the wife could have given the ring …..A RING? A FUCKING RING?