Jordan Schlansky’s Product Review: Philips Norelco Bodygroom – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Jordan has various tasks and duties, and one of them is talking about how much he likes to groom his body hair with the Norelco Bodygroomer.

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Mike Morrow says:

Why is Jordan so weird. I’ve watched a couple videos with him and he seems like a serial killer who keeps heads in the freezer and other body parts in his deep freezer

chuckie14469 says:

Jordan is Sheldons father from the Big Bang Theory :'D

Dax Bradley says:

"Where the hair begins and ends, is and mother nature makes that transition, is where I shaved. I believe that I have left you with a natural-looking upper buttock." NO OTHER point in history will anyone have occasion to say that. Only Jordan can say that with the emotionless Vulcan delivery, and not being intentionally funny or ironic.

Kushal Agarwal says:

I want a copy of that douche bag magazine 🤣🤣

CanisoGaming says:

Guess we can add the "clearing conan's bush" to Jordan's various tasks

ghita emil says:

Why we ''humans'' like Jordan? I have seen all videos with him and I want to see even more videos

Roych0325 says:

He's going to an amazing salesman

QRS3C273 says:

1:40 I'm dead 😂🤣🤣🤪☠

sylenceexposed says:

Jordan in pretty good shape

karthik kari says:

OMG.. Jordan rocking those abs, no one's talking about that..

FabulousKilljoy917 says:


Tango Bango says:

So why does Jordan have hair on his arms?

Adamnis Bored says:

More Conan body hair

the one says:

Owwwww no ………..yes 🤨🤪

Howard Johnson says:

Well that was kinda awkward.

Moebius Dune says:

I watch Conan O'Brien comedy/show since 1997.I never liked Leno,Letterman.Conan was and still is, the best talk show in my humble opinion.Also,i want to say that the Jordan is pure GOLD.Jordan is so funny :-).Only Robin Williams could make me laugh so hard..and now Jordan&Conan.Greetings from Croatia <3.
P.S. One more thing,if someone is reading this from Team Coco,please bring Calexico and Jonathan Richman as a music guests 😉
Thanks folks

Logan Francel says:

You guys abuse him so bad

Jim Chance says:


Abigail Klein says:

"I've completed the task" – Jordan Schlansky

Tom Fortin says:

"… the cover of Douchebag Magazine!" LOL!!!!!!

niceguy217 says:

If I was Conan I would have paid any amount of money from that recording from ever seeing the light of day..I'm not a heavy drinker, but I wonder if large amounts of alcohol can help me unsee that..I will find out.

Kelso Grant says:

This is beyond funny lol….

Long Le says:

Conan Vs Schlansky Drop the Mic Battle perhaps??

luisfer071 says:

The sad part about this is that after watching this, I acquired my own unit Norelco Bodygroom 2038 and get a natural transition of the hair as I prepared my body in various ways

Agnieszka R says:

God he is hot !!

Nerdy Bunny says:

Where on Philips people are sleeping…this could be a funniest commercial.