Jesse Ventura Calls For The Arrest Of Donald Trump

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Galen Ballentine says:

I’d vote Ventura 2020

Chris Parow says:

You can make the case to arrest Trump for bombing Syria as long as you include Obama, Clinton and Bush! No statute of limitation on murder.

Patriotic Justice says:

I had the feeling wrestlers were crybaby wimps in real life, but I never thought I'd see one go soy-boy NPC.

Gaylon TeSlaa says:

Bush's, Clinton's, Obama's, and the entire DEEP State cabal needs 2B arrested & punished, and Trump is the one trying to end Illuminati child (and adult) trafficking and all the rest…and you want HIM arrested? Chalk up JV as ANOTHER TDS nut job (Trump Derangement Syndrome). WAKE UP AMERICA…Trump is a hero – OUR HERO…stop with the petty 'hurt feelings' and allowing yourselves to be brainwashed by the Mockingbird (CIA directed…and CIA is not on your – the peoples' side) media! The two mainstream political parties are the enemies of the people! Moreover – stupid JV – Donald Trump "dumped" the Syrian bombs somewhere where they would not hurt anyone – he's "goIng through the motions" and navigating "the system" (playing the game" UNTIL he can actually gain BACK control of our communist and Muslim infiltrated government….so it can be RETURNED to the control of "WE THE PEOPLE". DT is far from perfect, but he IS our BEST SHOT and LAST HOPE! Be careful what you wish for, folks! Look VERY CLOSELY at who is REALLY on the side of the TRUE American citizens! PRAY FOR 45!

newstart49 says:

This guy has turned into an idiot! Trump is the only hope this country has right now.
Trump DID NOT START THIS "WAR"- BUSH DID- IDIOT! But it isn't legally a war anyway, since war was never declared by the do nothing congress! So, therefore, you cannot arrest anyone for what does not exist. Instead, it was an invasion!! Go pick on Obama for ignoring the constitution multiple times right in our faces!
What a dumb a$$!

Phil Badone says:

Just google "The War Powers Resolution in 1973", then shut the hell up with this video and Jesse Ventura, big mouth, who sued Chris Kyle another Navy Seal for saying that he "punched out Ventura in a bar fight". Ventura claimed that his reputation was ruined, then after Kyle was home as a civilian and killed by a man with PTSD, Ventura collected 1.8 million dollars from Kyle's widow. What a man!

altgenesis says:

So I guess your going to have to do it.

altgenesis says:

Except the media was drooling over the bombing and congress wants regime change in Syria, so nothing happens. Plus he secretly bombed the deep state and the deep state can't say anything because they are there secretly arming and training ISIS.

wormwood69 says:

Yes Jesse, BUT the c-a has a massive stronghold in Syria and those were the targets that were bombed there….! No civilians were injured.

Mohamad Doush says:

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Mike Johnson says:

Jesse Ventura is a most likely a lying POS. Chris Kyle was a true hero. Jesse Ventura got his ASS handed to him by Chris Kyle and Jesse has been whining about it ever since. Now, considering that Ventura was twice Kyles age, youth does have its advantages, Ventura should have claimed he got sucker punched and that would have been the end of it. Nope, Ventura's ego was hurt so he pursues a lawsuit even after the hero is dead.. James George Janos never served a day in combat even though Vietnam was still going on while he was in the Navy. Ventura calls Kyle a sociopath knowing Kyle is dead and can't defend himself when actually it is Ventura's behavior that proves he is the sociopath.

Heresiarch says:


Joel Kanne says:

Obama approved drone strikes

haji usman says:

American government and other government are the biggest terrarist in the world truth be told

haji usman says:

Trump deserve the electric chair and all the corrupt people who are responsible for war crimes

haji usman says:

You tell em Jessie the truth that all that matters

Hooverdarnit says:

Jesse want open borders. That makes him a traitor.

Jacob Ivey says:

Jesse the body Ventura should be in jail for fraud he was a sergeant of arms motorcycle gang when he was governor Minnesota. Come on my show Jesse Ventura the doctor Ivey show

Ando Pacifico says:

Absolutely awesome fn talk show.

Mitchell Lewis says:

Jesse Ventura did more cheer leading for Trump then Alex Jones did

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