Japanese Horror Movie Posters

Another video by www.posteroid.com this time featuring movie posters of Japanese horror movies.
If you are looking for Japanese movie posters, visit the Posteroid website (www.posteroid.com)


F u n D r i v e says:

whats this song?

Ganja From Down Under says:

whats the movie at 1:49 called? does it have an english name?? or even a download link? please

Niels Petter Solberg says:

Great poster art !!!

SidewaysBurnouts says:

Where are these on your site?

EAF 1 says:

i hear these are scaryer than american movies

zacks1314 says:

@DarkVisionsTV me too even though i cannot find any i only have seen a few if u know any plz can u tell me thanks and sorry