Investigation Puts Ancestry DNA Kits To The Test Among Sets Of Triplets

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Millions of people are purchasing and using home DNA kits to determine their ancestry. Inside Edition enlisted the help of two sets triplets and a set of quadruplets to investigate the accuracy of the at-home tests. Their ancestry should be absolutely identical since they all came from the same egg. Unfortunately, the reveal confused and disappointed the sisters because of the varied results. The set of quadruplets were almost identical and did not have the variations seen in the triplets.

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Kari Tacoma says:

I’m adopted so I was curious. I bought a 23&Me kit at the beginning of this year.

Butcher Peete says:

"Now we know where we're from" 49% one continent and 46% another continent…..?

EditsbyKay says:

0:14 and Quadfruplets

Rylein Fox says:

Kids in multiples almost never have the same genes -.-

TheFamuree ! says:

I’m 80% thanos 10% gamer boii and 10% asian 🙂

I used 69 and me

A Vinh says:

I already know what I am, but I still want one.

Hailix says:

who else got the add before watching the video?

DIY By Jay says:

They have the same looks not the same genetic makeup !!

Toner Likes Rice says:

Maybe cause the moms husband you know jizzed in her putting dna of Scandinavian

Toner Likes Rice says:

So the black and white twins would be WAAAAYYYYYYY MORE DIFFERENT

TheKawaiiCat Amy says:

I wish I had a twin….

Bharuni the boss says:

For ONLY $99

Heaven Harper says:


Music Blues says:

is nobody going to talk about how she is the daughter in law of dr phil

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