Interest Groups: Crash Course Government and Politics #42

Interest Groups: Crash Course Government and Politics #42

Today, Craig is going to talk about something you fans out there have been demanding for months – money in politics. Specifically, we’re going to talk about special interest groups and their role in the U.S. political system. Special interest groups are groups of individuals that make policy-related appeals to government – like the NRA, AARP, or the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It’s all pretty controversial, as money plays an important role in the policies and people these groups influence, so we’ll bring in the clones to argue for and against them.

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Rory Hanlon says:

I’m totally here because I want to learn and not because I have a politics test tomorrow.

Rikth Dcruze says:

"Maybe because I am still not John Greene" lol… I wonder what John thought after listening to that!!

Kyrawr 01 says:

I really didn’t like the people who led the econ crash course very much so I was kinda worried going into the gov series but I think Craig does a really good job of explaining things without it being boring to listen to. I actually enjoy watching these and learning from them. But poor eagle lol

Roy Long says:

Bingo! The rich, as a group, has more power than the poor to influence the American political system. That’s why about 400 rich people who earn about $200 million a year pays only about 20% in taxes.

Jared Wales says:

People love to complain about interest groups… except for the interest groups they like.

Humble One says:

You are hilarious! I hope to one day be as smart and hilarious as you. 😊😊😊😊

Jonathan Borda says:

Time for this video to help me on my AP Comp Gov FRQ question!!!!!

Austin Diaz says:

how many interests groups are there????

FyreIce says:

Political C L O U T

Maxine McFarlane says:

At first I yelled at the screen like who is this guy but he understands we want the brothers! I like him!!!

Anavehe Crepsley says:

I know it’s kinda rude but I like you better
I can understand you and you go a bit slower which is great
So thanks and keep up the good work

Will Acton says:

A hydraulic press would be a more efficient way to exert pressure onto that eagle

Xi.Anais says:

Crash Course stay saving me in my AP classes

Vaish K says:

anybody else cramming for AP Gov at 2x speed

Daniel Garrett says:

Great teacher. Video is mostly meaningful content, but speaker still adds enough humor to keep viewers’ interests. Good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! !

Jessica Mendenhall says:

Thank you Craig!!! You help me my pass government class!

stacy sooknarain says:

Literally all over the place and too many jokes that confuses people!

Tamara Herrington says:

CrashCourse are a life saver. Studying US politics as a student in the UK is difficult enough already with how foreign the system is to ours but these videos are getting me my A grades 🙂

gina88909 says:

Craig what is your last name, do you have your own you tube page. I want to see other crash courses by you, you are easier to understand

Chris Lee says:

Nice video

But it’s still not John Green

Scott Chiste says:

2:30 one of the bills say "Edumacation Kurikulum" *LMAO*

Aditi Kumar says:

who else got the airheads gum ad

Freya W says:


Guy Cool says:

I’m not disappointed in you Craig, I love ya!!

Grace Rykaczewski says:

Anyone else yelling at the screen PUNCHING THE EAGLE ISNT FUNNY

Lauren James says:

Why you no John green?

Paula Switzer says:

Hillarious and informative! Love it!

Samyak Gadepalli says:

Studying for ap NSL 😭😭

Sumit Basak says:

sir, develop your own style. Don’t take offence but your damn sloppy 🃏

Reese dailey says:

Angel Compton says:

im watching this so i can pass civics

peterkrepkiy says:

The best congress AIPAC can buy.

YoungProdigy says:

BackGround: -Now watch me whip song plays-

Me: -whips and breaks elbow-

Person Filming: OOOOO 

Me: -Crys but not to much-

Person Filming: -Post on vine and puts as title "Lil boy whiped to hard" (Cares more about vine than me) :)) 

Me: -30 minutes later am still crying with broken elbow- :((

Karen Luevano says:

00:26 Awww

AomiN says:

1 dollar = 1 vote

N. D. says:


Iqra Khalid says:

I was of the view that John Green has no match, but you are equally awesome!

Brittany Davis says:

Legalized corruption at its finest

Дима Рогачёв says:


Nathan Swiech says:

I was gonna say I think your funnier than john Greene but legoboy468 took the words right out of my mouth.

Samuel Brunkow says:

Interest groups do, in fact, exert a great deal of pressure on the courts, though not specifically the Supreme Court…also, not to the same degree that they do on Congress.  They file lawsuits for bills that are antithetical to their interests all the time.  They choose cases with sets of facts favorable to them, and engage in "forum shopping" to find a court willing to hear the case, hopefully producing a favorable outcome.

Gary Loayza says:

I thought "John Green" was a mantle of responsibility, like Thor or Spiderman.

Ishi 123 says:

Bribery is legal in the US. Interest groups need to be banned entirely.

AndreasInGreer says:

Interest group … – isn’t that the same as lobbyists?

Daniel Coronado says:


Iqra Khalid says:

You are brilliant, Craig!

Piper Johnson says:

Please help me! Can someone explain an example of disseminating information about government affairs and how it relates to linkage groups? Please please please!!!!

Robert Rogers says:

Thank u so much. These little mini videos help tremendously! Defiantly put me in the right direction so that I knew what to google for my Government Paper, thanks sooo much!!

killakan46 says:

Anyone got links or suggested readings for academic sources relating to the subject of interest groups, especially environmental issue-related ones? Cheers.

Prince Venee says:

I like the clones.