IM VLOGGING?! || Vlog day 1

hey guys! Im going to do more vlogs!! comment down below what I should call my subscribers!! love you guys!

social medias-
IG and twitter- @kenzieziegler @mackenzieziegler
snapchat- @kenz-zieg
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Lucia Seaton-West says:

She was only twelve here

GamingPhantom12 says:

What do you use to edit your videos

Hamza Haroon says:

Who else noticed in her intro it was DAILY VOGS NOT VLOGS

Airyonna Minkler says:


Amber Jaynes world says:

how do you edit

sofia viguie says:

Hi Mackenzie I really like your vlogs and I am one of your biggest fans you are so pretty and very cute P.S please like my comment I will be happy if you do

Angie Says says:

What camera do u have

Sherrie Jannell says:

I love the P.O Box Opening ???

OmqAllyxx says:

lysm kenz ā¤ā¤ā¤ā¤

Damhar Tudon says:

jack at the end tho

Katie ALDC!!! says:

It said Daily vogs In The intro thingy ?

coolrider41790 wassabie perductions says:

I searched for your user name an it shows a fan page! Is that you. I really want to know!

Bridget Martinez says:

Omg I'm a big fan

Juanita Meyer says:

Yay u started to vlog ????????

anns contour says:

I love your vlog sm

Cheyenne Obrien says:

Jenzie is real ps ilysm

Michael Nelson says:

Your hair is sooooo pretty

Michael Nelson says:


Stephanie Murray says:

Such a cute dog!

andycabs89 says:

you have the cutest dog ever

Gaby and Si'annah says:

I have that same pandora necklace!!!

angie scoble says:

are u vacinated

itsjustemi says:

Hey everyone! I just posted my first ever vide (vlog) on my channel. It would mean a lot to me if you would take a look and offer constructive criticism! Thank you!! šŸ™‚

Elizabeth LaFleur says:

Omg Iā€™m literally so excited for this!!!!!!! What

ana cvetkovic says:

My cutie, I love you so, so much. ?

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