Illustrator Tutorials – Pen Tool Beginner’s Guide

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In this Illustrator tutorial, I will show you how to use the Pen Tool to create vector logos or lettering. I also provide a guide for beginners to follow along the tutorial take you through the different steps or learning the Pen Tool. Make sure to subscribe for more Photoshop tutorials. Thanks for watching!

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Software used:
Adobe Illustrator CC 2017
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017
Adobe Audition CC 2017

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Blue Yeti Microphone:

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Mazharul Mymoon says:

You are the best Trainer ever 🙂

Gh syr says:

this was really helpful ! thank you

Design Theory says:

cool video
i have also tried some logos,night vector, and animation walk cycle please look and suggest me . Thank You

kanika chhabra says:

Thank you. So much helpful 🙂

Farah MKH says:

i dont have the shortcut for command+shift to edit the points how can i add it to the shortcuts?? when i press command it selects all the shapes

Omar Ataa Allah says:

You are the best 👌👌

Shahid Hossain says:

Thank you thank you very much for this video.

logical himachli says:

i use to make pen tool so complicated this is really the best tutorial. question though. did u press aly while changing the path of curve?

donng dschg says:

omg thanx dude!!

Sangeeth N says:

Kudos!! Nothing short of amazing! probably the best Pen tool tut out there…also, I would like to know which Bebas kind of font you used for titles…looks like NFL Detroit Lions, a little bolder though….thank you!

RoBot Ch says:


Manon Leblanc says:

I'm sorry but this isn't working for me. I don't know when you're holding or clicking. My curves are all over the place. I have extra lines….it's just not doing what yours are doing…very disappointing

Medeline Citra Vanessa says:

this is all i need! thank you so much. ur so kind :'

Vanessa Galindo says:

This video is so useful, thank you so much for taking the time creating it and teaching us. Great work!

Daniel enoch says:

thank you so much ,you really made it as simple as ABC !….Now i can use the tool effectively