Huge Tata Harper Brand Review – 13 Products Tested!

Welcome! I’m Alice, and on my channel, I sort through the makeup/skincare hype and discuss REAL thoughts on products – no first impressions/sucking up involved. I strive to be honest, family-friendly and create content with all demographics in mind!

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This video is part of an (extremely long) series in which I trial a brand or theme’s skincare products for two weeks; afterward, I give a review of each product based on my experience, the ingredients, and the cost. I film these bare faced (with the skincare discussed applied) for transparency.

Common Questions/Gripes –

🔹”Are you sponsored?” No, never. I don’t want money from any brand to corrupt what I do here.
🔹”Two weeks isn’t enough time” In my own experience, the changes from week 1 to 2 are often intense, but past that, the EFFECT seems to taper out. YMMV, and some products only show the effect around 6 months (retinol, peptides, etc).
🔹”Can you discuss more studies?” Not really – due to time constraints. I wish I had endless time, and if I did I would offer citations. Unfortunately, I cannot make a thesis out of each video. I apologize!
🔹”Can you tone down the science?” I get this a lot and like the above question – not really. I try to walk the middle ground here, but skincare IS science. It’s tough to separate!
🔹”Should I rely on your review?” These videos are made to share my own experience and general thoughts. For YOUR routine, I always recommend visiting your dermatologist!


If you want an overview of the brand, skip to @24:07

Individual product Reviews:

Nourishing Oil Cleanser $72/4.1 oz @3:04
Regenerating Cleanser $78/4.1 oz @4:14
Purifying Cleanser $66/4.1 oz @5:26
Hydrating Floral Essence $68/1.7 oz @6:38
Resurfacing Mask $58/1 oz @8:38
Clarifying Mask $68/1 oz @10:23
Purifying Mask $65/1 oz @12:36
Rejuvenating Serum $98/1 oz @14:05
Repairative Moisturizer $105/1.7 oz @15:37
Clarifying Moisturizer $105/1.7 oz @17:11
Illuminating Moisturizer $85/1 oz @18:20
Illuminating Eye Cream $95/.5 oz @19:56
Beautifying Face Oil $68/1 oz @21:39

Potential dupe for the Hydrating Floral Essence:

All opinions my own, not associated with Tata Harper. All products purchased with my own money.

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Samantha says:

You have beautiful skin

Luviana Heredia says:

Donde puedo comprar un estuche con todos los productos hasi FRESCOS lo más directo del fabricante o laboratorios aquí en Miami en los lugares que los encuentro y los he comprado no estoy contenta como los encuentro en ocasiones hasta el estante le da Sol a través del cristal y los encuentro habiertos aparentemente probados o castrados es un EXELENTE. Producto lo he recomendado mucho exitosamente pero reitero quisiera comprarlos directamente del fabricante Noo viejos y mal manipulados please.

Maya Anne says:

Most essential oils should be diluted before applied to the skin and minimally a few times a week. Purging of the skin is common and the depletion of high amounts of oils to the skin may clear up inflamed acne. Too much oil may often go beneath the surface of the skin and trick your sebum production to further potentially clog pores. Just be careful!

Jennifer Mello says:

AGAIN, NEVER heard of this brand…. LOL boy oh boy I really need to get with the times.. lol but I SOOO genuinely appreciate ALL of the HARD work, research and hefty price tag you put into these trials!!!!!! I have to say and maybe it's just me but u look exhausted in this video.. Take Care of YOURSELF in between trying to keep all of us looking young!!!! Thanks Again

Lisa Smith says:

I have had a couple samples of the resurfacing mask and I liked it. This is a great and informative review. I am a pass on it but really glad to know that before I spent any money. Have a great week…✖❌✖

bbappzz98 says:

Bhas are way more active than ahas. Salicylic acid is a toxin. Thats why there are legal regulations of the allowed percentages of salicylic acid in different parts of the world. I think the stastic is something like if 40% of your body surface absorbs salicylic acid, you will die. There have been fairly recent (in the 21 century) of people dying from topical salicylic acid used all over their body. Thats why you dont have salicylic peels or salicylic body lotions because it would/could kill you, whilst retinol or glycolic body lotions or aha peels wont kill you

Tom Jones says:

"Its almost like the world's most expensive concealer". A Treat Yo'Self for sure.

anjmaga27 Magallanes says:

Wow, that was a REVIEW! Love you bunches.

Sarah Thomas says:

I've been waiting on this review thankyou

Sarah Thomas says:

Your face was much clearer before this trial 😓

Lori Reese says:

Thank you for this review! I was really wanting to try the oil cleanser.

Crazy Erin's Reviews says:

Love the white outfit!