Huawei’s Watch GT is all the fitness smartwatch you need, if you exercise in silence

The Huawei Watch GT shows what Huawei can do when it ditches Google’s Wear OS and comes up with its own smartwatch operating system. The result is a stylish watch with amazing battery life, and some strong fitness tracking features, but with some surprising omissions that limited the device’s audience.

Huawei so nearly gets the Watch GT exactly right. The battery life is right in the sweet spot, the design is solid, and the fitness tracking will appeal to most casual gym-goers. But we’re disappointed there’s no music features at all, and the software still needs refinement to make it a true smartwatch competitor.



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elaquino111 says:

After all the firmware updates, the Stopwatch still won´t measure a full hour… it freezes at 59:59.59…

Segundo Tenesaca says:

Great outputs!! I just order mine. Thanks.

Vecchia Volpe says:

Nice review!

For all the persons that like Sportsapp like STRAVA , RUNTASTIC or simply GOOGLE FIT:


This is very disappointing and seems that Huawei does not care about Clients complaining and asking to add this feature to the product.

Sam Sung says:

I used to wear a normal watch while traveling cause I want to worry about changing my phone only. Now, I can wear this one and being able to track my activities while traveling. Great idea!!!

deven aragena says:

No internal storage for music. A big no no for me.. Aihh what a let down huawei

ABoros81 says:

Could you help me?

If you start an intervall training in Huawei Health (in the half marathon training). Is the watch GT show which part of the training are you in? And is it beep or flicker if you need to change the tempo?

I have a Honor Band 4 and I started the attached training and the band shows me only my pulse.

The Polar M430 can able what I want (personal trainer) alert me if I need to change tempo, or I leave the pulse "tunnel". (Runkeeper as well)

So if the watch GT can able to work as a "personal trainer" (lite) I will buy that rather than M430.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Paris Rayner says:

I like this watch. It tracks what I'm doing each day, heart-rate, sleep, steps etc.. It lets me know when I get a message or call while I'm working out or running. I can decide If I want to stop my workout to take the call or reply to the message on my phone. If you want to reply to a message or take a call on your watch whilst working out, then don't buy this watch. I mean , would you really want to type out a message on a watch while working out? lol

KWJJ says:

I bought this for £130 pounds on Amazon. I've also got a Huawei W1 which I find cumbersome and slightly too full of things I'll probably never use. This is much more comfy and better at moderate fitness tracking. Nicer screen too and it looks better in my opinion. Lots of options sounds great, but in practice I don't use most of them. I think this watch will be suited to people like myself. Getting on a bit, likes a gadget and does a bit of exercise.

Barry Smith says:

What a waste of money

Nishad Abdul kalam says:

This is fitness watch Only i bought It for music player And social app but it cannot be functioned i am so sad

Ross Kline says:

Very thorough, but I found myself wanting to clear my throat while listening to him! lol

Ariozo says:

If you compare this to WearOs or Aw, you looking at it wrong..:) Huawei did not try to go after them, it´s a Tracker with nice design.
I use the 46mm Galaxy Watch for my N9 and 4:gen Aw for Xs Max..but how often do i use apps on any? Not to much..use time,date,tracking and Timer most..
apps on smart watch is Ok, but still more easy get the phone up and use it 100%. 🙂

Ignacio Guerrero says:

Gt and fitness dont go together.

Panos Golden says:

I have huawei gt. My problem is i dont inside other watch faces.. Its only few inside.. Knows how inside watch faces?

boycool coolboy says:

Huawei’s Watch GT up data will be good as you want 🙂 lol:)

boycool coolboy says:

Huawei’s Watch GT so great:)I love it :)really good 🙂

Brian M says:

Calling it a smartwatch is going way over the top. It's just a fitness band that looks like a watch. Obviously with its almost total lack of basic smartwatch features the battery will last a couple of weeks. Just buy a real smartwatch like the Galaxy Watch. The battery will last almost one week, and you will have an actual SMART smartwatch. 😉

Mark Armitage says:

I far prefer this watch to Wear OS based watches, such as the TicWatch Pro. Huawei were right to reject Wear OS with its terrible battery life and fiddly apps that take ages to do anything while running down the battery in the process. The fitness tracking and sleep tracking is superb and personally I don't care about the music, as I would always take my phone with me. I don't agree that the OS is laggy either but there have been a few updates recently which have helped. The only thing I miss is NFC for payments but it's certainly not a deal breaker. I use the GPS for about 5 hours a week and I easily get over week on a single charge – that's better than a Garmin and really knocks the TicWatch into touch, which barely made it through a day.

Jacob Frank says:

s u p p l e

J J says:

Crappy design (-.-; Samsung's copy?

Thomas Salter says:

Smartwatches have taken such a downgrade. Anyone remember the first Huawei watch? The Moto 360? Pebble? What a shame, 2014-2016 gave us great smartwatches

Momo Lazetic says:

I have bought Huawei Watch gt Classic last month, and I am absolutely satisfied. This is probably the best not only smartwatch but watch at all. 3 mm thinner then Samsung watch, 5 mm thinner then Fenix 5 and Fénix 3 but with same functions. For half price… Perfect for everiday usage, enough elegant for Business and absolutely comfortable for ever.

The Short Session Angler says:

Its very good for fitness, just turn off notifications and take your phone for calls/music.

George TJ says:

If only it could connect to external HR straps… This is a very good fitness tracker but I'm not entirely sure how accurate it is when it comes to HR monitoring.

Jon Hobley says:

Bug with weather that never matches my Mate 20 Pro. I got it free but wouldn't buy one.

nurd on a computer says:

At the beginning, he sounds like he is holding in a big dump lol

Randy Chann says:

bad quality watch and bad looking watch

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