“Howard all flirting with penny” The big bang theory | Part 2


George Abdo says:

What does Sheldon do when he's alone?

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Martin Atukunda says:

Don't toy with me woman.

Daniel Pattiz says:

I love Howard's confidence

karen sheline says:

One of my all time fav episodes…..Howard eats peanuts to keep Leonard away from his surprise party. 🙀🧟‍♂️

Niyar Pawan says:

I came here for……

കാലമാടൻ കൽക്കി says:

Oh those good moments that made the show…
If only they could bring 1/10 of it to the last 5 or 6 seasons

trac nunya says:

when a girls biceps are bigger than her boobs.. not unterested

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Wtf is that animal voice when the videos end? Is that subhuman indian? Holy shit you animals should not speak openly.

Sir Realist says:

If Howard did get it on with Penny, then do you think he fucked her with his nose? Most jews have gargantuan noses that would give Pinnochio an inferiority complex. I’m also assuming that with a circumcised dick, a jews nose would definitely be bigger than his dick too. Penny on the other hand is such a whore that I’m pretty sure she’s been nose fucked, fist fucked and even foot fucked! There’s probably not a lot that hasn’t been up her cunt; and I’m not talking about the entire population of Omaha and Pasadena either!!!

Ankit Chaubey says:

Was the last "please subscribe" part, seriously, in Hindi?

theHyperion12 says:

This should be called howard all flirting moment but not all whit penny

Jamie Carson says:

Though this was Howard flirting with Penny 3 minutes in and it's all Ben Howard hitting on some other girl …get your shit straight!

Piyush Dahiya says:

Raj ~"Ah Patel, good man!"

Derek K says:

Ah Patel good man 😂

Agoraphobic Adam says:

Sometimes you just look and "BAM!" Howard Wolowitz. lol

Mengha Rathor says:

I don't think he flirts more like perving 😂

Udaya Bhaskar Maganti says:

5:34 the best of howard flirting….

Torch Live says:

Howard is Human Resources worst nightmare😂😂😂

Timothy Antoine says:

Howard was the pervert they had to have .

A B says:

Howard was the funniest after Sheldon Cooper….

Lucas Martinez says:


Eve ill Anderson says:

this is supposed to what impress me?

Eve ill Anderson says:

waste more time though

Eve ill Anderson says:

it wasn't too late to do anything five years ago..

Abhishek Nag says:

0:37 that's not targeted at Penny.

Brian Cohen says:

This just proves that Bernadette killed the show.

Mayank Gupta says:

1:40 that's probably the best line