How To Vlog | How To Be A Vlogger!

One of the number one questions I get asked is how to vlog or how to start a vlog channel. So here is a video dedicated to those who are thinking about starting a channel or who are just wanting tips! Hope you like it!
If you guys want to see more “how to” vids in the future let me know in the comments below!
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Carlos Berrios Daily Vlogs says:

Thank you so much! this great video and inf ???

Anna Jai says:

Newbie Vlogger too

Ralph Williamson says:

nobody tells you how to upload and tag your vlog

Erin Joyce says:

Hey!!! Check out our channel, give some of my videos a thumbs up ?? & PLEASE don’t forget to subscribe let’s support each other ❤️❤️ Love you ?

KawaiiKim 26 says:

Where do u buy the camera
How do u edit on the camera
How do u upload on camera

The Simpson Dohertys says:

Awesome video, you are so funny! "From a 10 to a 2" ???

Betty's Vlog says:

Thank you for very inspiring ideas. i just started my vlog and it helps a lot.

Hailey’s LIFE says:

Great video I want to accomplish as much as you do

Lils World says:

I’m going to start vlogging now!

Amy Kieran says:

I wanna be the best David dobrik. Reply if you wanna support eachother

Jordan Brown says:

Would love to follow other fellow vlogging channels!! I am doing a travel vlog. Let me know would love us vloggers to support each other ??

Evergreen Cottage & Gardens says:

Great info Ashley. Thanks so much!!

Madi Ignacia says:

I use my iPhone to vlog since I cannot afford a camera rn

El's Always Anything says:

Thank you so much!! This literally told me everything I needed to know!!! Thank you so much!!

Nikkixoxo99 says:

love your room girl! its so gorgeous!!!

Joshie Bizzle says:

Thank you for the advice! New Vlogger here!

Jen Tata Sato says:

i want to be a vlogger but im shy talking in front of my camera . im just uploading my videos without talking . I want to show my videos to the world LOL but i got few views . SAD .

SotoTv says:

Love this! Thank you for the great advice! I'll definitely be using these tips on my next vlog

Malica Hamilton says:

Ive been filming vlogs only for a whole year now and i use the G7X Mark it is an amazing camera. Just watching this for extra tips ! I never thought of using a neck strap ☺️


kill your self


kill your self

Paul Gutierrez says:

Thank you for this! New to vlogging and needed some useful tips!

Wahib YT 360 says:

Ashley thnx for the advice….best vlogging tips…

Marvelous Marvin says:


My Keto Life says:

Great tips. Thank you for sharing.

kiyohio says:

This is an informative video and will help me with future vlogs to come! Thank you and bless also I already have a vlog video up if you’re into checking it out!

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