How to Turn Your Apple Watch Gold

Music by Milan Tintané

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Battle Mations says:

So simple yet so amazing

Green says:

Technically what Apple is doing ripping you off.

Water H20 says:

A millionaire still has to save money

Aidan Stimens says:

You forget to cover up the speaker and microphone port

Matthew Reyes says:

Wait if u only have 399 hoe do u get those expensive tickets

Ben Studios xD says:

Wow m8 that’s so cool with the spray paint

FFirefly 1 says:

This is stupid idea, you spray watch but you spray too microphone, speaker and buttons can stuck because paint can appear under them

Arshad Ali says:

سر جی اگر اس واچ میں انسان کے پسینے سے اور خوان کی گردش سے سچ جھوٹ معلوم کرنے والی ڈیوائس سٹم اجائے تو کیا بات ھیں کیوں کے ابھی تھوڑے دن پہلے دنیا میں سچ پوچھنے والی ڈیوائس متعارف کروائی ھیں شکریہ

Mylee Bishop says:

You Fr destroy everything you get you should be more careful and thanking for the stuff you have

Lolik says:

This perfect 😎😂

Dotodot Thanoszella says:

If ur the diy man at least add a headphone jack to the iphone 7

Susan Wright says:

You're braver than I am, Enjoy your Gold watch man!

23mdds 🤡👽 says:

Is that series 1