How to Start a Product Review Channel and Make Money — 7 Tips

7 tips on how to start a product review channel and make money reviewing products on YouTube. ***** Get access to the FREE training video on how to make money with product review videos!

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1. How to Create a New YouTube Channel

2. Think Media TV video from 2010 🙂

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4. Video Playlist about Affiliate Marketing and Making Money on YouTube

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About this video:
In this video Sean Cannell from THiNK media TV shares tips on how to start a product review channel on YouTube. This video covers things like how to do product reviews, how to make money reviewing products on youtube, and how to make money online reviews. People wonder how to make money reviewing products so Sean created this product review video tutorial. In this video Sean share’s a product review video template and shares his best tips on how to make money from reviews.


Chilie Playz says:

Hey media I just made a review channel and I don’t know how to make good content because I don’t got a camera I just use my phone. And how do you add pictures and all of your media showing and thanks for the tips I appreciate it 👍

John Miller says:

I know this question has probably been answered about a million times but to do a "product review" of items, do you need permission from the owner of the trademarked item in question; I'm not wanting to be sued from whatever toy company or whatever for doing a product review over their product, especially when I monetize the channel!

Dina Bangla Fashion at Facebook says:

Thanks you so much…i m learning a lot by watching your vdos….

One and a Half Reviews says:

So inspiring

M Eisner says:

Theme reminds me of my acting coach in L.A.; can't get work, so teach class… on how to get work, to others. Similar here. Put on a common sense vlog on only how to market a channel. Instant sign on numbers (Google check) and make others think they need to hear.
But, it IS too crowded. 3 million coming on vlog market, and then say, "… well, still a chance…" Really? Who's that helping? Kind of a litmus test for honest advice, or not. Really only benefits channel saying that!
I'll prove it. I'll be animate, energetic (won't even have trouble with contact lenses) and tell you how to get a million dollars ("first…. you make a million. Now then…") watch my sub clicks and Google checks.

Shanon Dawson My Truth Hurts says:

Hello Im Shanon "My truth hurts" Dawson. Im so glad that I stumbled upon your video. Im about to start making videos for my channel. I will be doing product reviews, diys, Q&A with special guests and motivational speaking.

Garrett DuGuid says:

Looking to promote my products and services on your channel. anybody with high subscribers.

Stargirlvampire says:

I just started a second channel where I want to do unboxing videos, reviews on things
and other things

how many products should I show per video?
for example I have 13 products in package and I want to do a unboxing review
how many products would be best for one video?

I also think that it is funny if youtubers put some effects in their videos
for example they throw away a box on the ground and they edit fire on and a explosion sound
at the right moment

I also like that if someone would miss spell something or they react on something scary and they repeat it with the use a voice effect and sometimes slow motion as a blooper

similar what matthias from dope or nope does

Shameka Renee says:

Does review channel have to be niche related

Melody Wang says:

We have free amzon stuff.Where can I find our customers,who can help me?

HOUNAKEY joel says:

Need a web review? go there

KCaction Product Review says:

Great information! Thanks!

Tech- 20 says:

Every time I learn more from you..

Jarrett Beauchesne says:

"find your one thing and do that one thing better than anyone else" Is that a Gary Keller quote I see lurking in the background?

Kidiot Review Hub says:

Yayay a start 4 me

Sharon Holt says:

hi from Ireland highly qualified in high end make up and beauty,looking to review products,can anyone point me in the right direction thank you

Stroke of Genius says:

MY TIP: Watch Think Media TV

Stroke of Genius says:

when can you start making money??? and how do I get my channel "out there" if i live in a small area in Illinois??
Please respond. Thanks