How to SKETCH Like a PRO! – Tools, Tips and Tricks!

How to SKETCH Like a PRO! – Tools, Tips and Tricks!

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gamer jdeck says:

For the nerdy character, you could have drawn yourself jk

martinZ gaming says:

Bruh you use the same one I use and used for a about 2 years I’m 11 so that’s a lot of time for me

benito wendrich says:


Red shirt says:

Man you are cool !

The American maniac Boy says:

Wow thank you

TheNutellaBellyButton Jam says:

It’s 12 o’clock i don’t sleep a lot I need help staying AWAKE I DONT WANT TWO LOOOOOSSSE PLS HELP INTERNET

Edit: I think writing this made me awake

RayTheKing 101 says:

We gonna get


Conrad Sobczuk says:

Jazza, you are absolutely amazing! Thank you for your tips! <3

Rahul Chakraborty says:

that kinda relaxed me a lot

Overall Meow says:

This video helped me realize that I don’t have to refine all my sketches and just loosen up a little bit. I’ve been watching you a lot recently and you’ve helped me be more relaxed with drawing. Thank you Jazza!!

Stiltzy- TOBIy says:

Just use an etch a sketch


you draw yourself alot dude and that is the only drawing that is suck or maybe its just the style

Shadow Sam says:

it take me hours to make your sletches vruh

Shukla Das says:

Do more mature art works like portraits.

Alexander Immel says:

20:08 Bill Nie you need to let up on the McDonalds

Sketchy kid says:

Now I feel like a ‘Sketchy Kid." B) geddit?

Also, Jazza, maybe you could sell pecil cases with all the things you need?

Ellas mini movies says:

I’m bad at drawing.

1 like = 1% of me being good

YES me asking for likes, again 😭

rodney adams says:

too bad company make sketch books don’t make blank comic books. when think about draw Thor or ant man comic. i always start crap printer paper get basic idea. then move sketch book. then make a comic book. witch copy on printer print out or use think sketch paper cut size 13 pages fold over make to pages. make fite bag. if made blank maybe templates for box make so much faster. blank cover and blank pages. few templates box lay outs .

Crystal Joyy says:

thanks so much. such simple tips but really helps. i often forget that not all my drawings are going to be perfect. sometimes i just need to stretch something ugly and try something new.

KayPay says:

Thank you, this will improve my drawing <3

MrSkullGamer says:

Maybe a cartoon sketch tutorial in future?

yousuf amin says:

we all got click batef cuz the 101 tips

Orchid Valley says:


…How do you draw a circle?

Kirk Family Fun Time says:

My favorite type of sketch book is moleskin

Conan Carlin says:

Here comes my annual "I’m going to learn how to draw" week

Syntrou says:

Who else was sketching while watching this. I was lol.

Tai Nguyen says:

Thanks Jazza 🙂

Calvin Nguyen says:

What if you have a bad imagination


Thanks so much you helped me get better

Maia 64 says:

10:14 yEEt

Sidney Horton says:

Loved this video! Thanks SO MUCH!! Really helped me! 😄

Lol Animations says:

Jk lol

Just Soul says:

Who else can’t afford to get a sketch book so you just use scrap paper from school or steal plain paper from school.

Kim Reid says:

Pointed out everything I do wrong 😂

tom kol says:

awsome tips thanks jazza

Kaleigh Hanney says:

Thank you for the tips I made a Amazing drawing.

Solar Starsss says:

17:34 The guy you shaded with the copics looks sorta creepy. Like a realistic Stewie Griffin.

AutumnDeer says:

I got inspired by this video to be more brave when sketching and not giving myself stretch rules about how to sketch, this is truly admirable and inspiring 🙂

Tom Lambert says:

Gosh darn Body Recon music 17.50

Nitish Kumar says:

Olive it

Blake Wakefield says:

Thank you jazza, I look up to you as an artist, I plan to practice in my free time to get better

No One says:

My favourite step is number 2

Red shirt says:

My draw is not perfect 😢😭

MrSkullGamer says:

Wow jazza, you do like your food metaphors don’t u

Amber Molyneux says:


Abrakadoo lol says:

Who is Jazza?

Vlasta Parandyk says:

Can you please make a hand tutorial video also you are my idol…..🙏🏻

Timmy Faponle says:


dina som says:

Thank you this helped me a lot ❤️

JJ Albanez says:

Does anyone know what kind of pencil case he had?