How to Reset Toshiba Satellite Laptop to Factory Settings

How to Reset Toshiba Satellite Laptop to Factory Settings

I’m using Toshiba Sattelite C655 laptop /
Press 0 and while holding 0 press power then release power an d keep holding 0
it will take to recovery of your laptop
very easy steps .

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boo41916 says:

try f2 and ESC together to find seup

BarefaceCube YT says:

Same laptop

kate_loves_Christ says:

Gosh !! Truth: really worked — Zero & Start Button pressed together –Thank you !!!

Noor Hasim says:

Thank you so very much bro. This is very helpful

Sher's Artwork says:

Thank you!!!

Jackcc5 says:

thank you for your help

Darek Wincek says:

Jak rozwiązać ten problem enter j f8 nie działa tylko f2 jak nacisnie wychodzi do biosa

ll PuRe Wolf ll says:

Really helpful thank you so much

rollerpoler says:

He said press zero but i think he meant the letter o

Woke Chinchilla says:

Press bar while pressing zero?! huh mushmouth???

Discover says:

thanks!!! as of this date it worked for me !!!!!

Hassan Alazawe says:

thank youuuuu

wierdertiger554 says:


Paco fortugaleza says:

shaking cam

Scott Guzan says:

This will not work on my laptop. I get a gray box asking for password immediately when I turn it on.

killswitch49 says:

Mines worked yayy

Rohit R Technical says:

Saala cutey banana raha hai

tonift 09 says:

soy español

Umitalia nyan says:

my computer is so annoying its dual running and my dad hacked it and put so much random crap and i cant even install things anymore…most of these dont even work.

taking a programmers computer sucks. (i had no choice though lol)

origrockart says:

Come on people. This dude took the time to help anyone that might need it and all you can do is complain, criticize, and talk shit? Pathetic. Classic example of projection.

Thank you for the video bro. I had no idea what to do. Now I have my laptop up and running 👊

rindoue dragonus says:

Thanks for the tip… My laptop has been driving me nuts for weeks, somehow an annoying yelling virus got in my system. This worked better, than all those bs antivirus programs. 👍👍👍

Ashley Fuller says:

Ty helped a lot

Emirhan Seymen says:

ırmağının akışına ölürüm TÜRKİYEM

Lik-A Sum-Boo-Ty says:

Fucking magic

Paul C Johnson says:

We the public do not like or understand one who mumbles; you are not talking to yourself but your audience. Thanks for the information.

Laura Cullen says:

OK, great, where do I send you your well deserved Genius Award??? Thanks very much.

ImACreeperPr0 Davis says:

Thank you this helped me a lot!

PaT o says:

Thank you so much this was helpful

StickyKeys says:

If yours give you a really rude high pitch beep, it means you don’t have a recovery partition so that means you will have to get recovery disk’s. 🙂

Kristen Elizabeth Kerr says:

Mine did better from not plugging it in

T.B&J • says:

I liked this vid because You helped me X:)

Tyler Beaupre says:

how do i fix my computer now 😡😡

Lloyd- T says:

Great video! Thanks!

HIJOLE Tv says:

Did help alot buddy thanks 👍🏼

EvilEyeZ x says:


Andrew Crump says:

Will this work if I forgot my password

x_cassieplays_x leigh says:

Thanks it worked

Kevion Terrell says:

Instructions unclear, accidentally broke my microwave

Stacy N. Stevens says:

Toshiba fucking sucks

The loyal chicken nugget says:


Kota Davis says:

It worked for me

Xd KossaeNiff says:

My laptop just beeped at me

seosi army누나 says:

Do I need a adapter thing?

King Kirin says:

holding the 0 for 39 seconds worked holy fuck… this actually works for toshiba laptops

Alexandria Reynolds says:

Thank you! I tried the F8 option but it wanted my password that I didn’t have.

ll PuRe Wolf ll says:

Really helpful thank you so much

잘지내 says:

win7 only ㅗ

Wendy Plew says:

Why mine is still black in screen theres no sign of warning and option just an arrow and screen is black help

Bianca Palma says:

So far mine’s working….just waiting to load

King Chev says:

Mines work just fine yall just didnt graduate high school