How to repair dead dry battery at home , Lead acid battery repairation

How to repair dead dry battery at home , Lead acid battery repairation

How to repair dead dry battery at home , Lead acid battery repairation

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ashish mishra says:

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Ram.kumar Ratre says:

Battery ko charger karne ke liye director. Lagana hai ya Sath lagana hai

Herbert Bach says:

How to clean a battery…

Mark Pucio says:



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Fabrizio Martinangeli says:

make you want to watch the video …
are you too slow, 2 minutes to show that the battery is dead, a music absurd and as they have already written, put a load greater and after 10 seconds the battery is dead?
why show these crap?

Pallavi joshi says:

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Charlie Brand says:

Wish I had not thrown my old battery away.🇬🇧😀

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Wear gloves man. And glass.

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एक तो लोगों की इतनी गलत आदत बन चुकी है कि वीडियो बनाते टाइम पर साउंड चलाते हैं गाना चलाते हैं मुझे यह समझ में नहीं आता कि यह कुछ बताने चले हैं कि कोई फिल्म बनाने चले

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Meghna Anu says:

Did anyone tried this NaCl2 + H2O ? Why he hadn’t used the syringe instead of that air blower ? Is it 100% REAL or 100% FAKE ? What about using sodium bicarbonate as a lead acid battery rejuvenator ?

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W M says:

My battery exploded by doing this please dont

John Maingi says:

I have the same problem.

Prakash Mohanty says:

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Saravanan Saravanan says:

It is not possible because salt water conduct elecity but not charging capacity acid and distilled water is possible


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Brandon Moppin says:

You can check each cell with your meter. 2 Vdc each one. If not thetes your bad cell. Clean it with some Mirotic acid rinse it out and fill it with new solution from auto parts store


add salt or sugar

17Arunsaini says:

Bhai salt hi kyu isme thoda red chili powder aur garam masala bhi dalwa de …tadka laga ke badhiya chalegi battery….. making peoples fool..

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