How to Remove A Watch Winder or crown and stem. Watch repair tutorials.

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This video shows how to remove the winder (or crown and stem) from several types of watch movement. Often you will have to remove the winder before you can take the watch out of it’s case.

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Here I am using an old Seiko automatic, a vintage Record, an Accurist and a vintage Oris watch to illustrate the proceedure for removing the winder from the watch movement.

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Grumpy Old Man says:

Very helpful video! Thank you!

Stephen Ash says:

This was really helpful, thank you.

Humanfactor says:

Very helpful and timely for me. Thank you.

Jose Valdivia says:

Excelente video !!! Gracias por compartir saludos

lânchánđời nguyễn says:

my watch has many dirt but i don't know how to disassemble it except of open the back.

lânchánđời nguyễn says:

my watch doesn't have any screw in the frame but only one in the tun shaft mechanism.

truemew1 says:

Do you have a guide on how to put the crown back in if you happened to unscrew the screw all the way?

Mr Egg says:

Very useful, and a real money saver

Schwarzbildvideos says:

Very helpfull, thanks!

Carlos Garcia says:

Nice vídeo !!! Thanks .

صبيح نوري says:

Sorry How to Remove watch Quartz winder thank you …

lycante says:

Amazing video. You really helped me out, thank you so much. I'm trying to make a nice watch out of an ugly replica with an amazing mechanism and this is the only thing that was holding me back. Thank you thank you. Now the engraving and grinding can begin.

Dan Taylor says:

been a collector for years i'm finally working my way into the watch, these are so helpful and interesting, thanks for the education.

Jeremy Sellors says:

On a Russian watch the screw was on the left side and smaller than the other screws as you said. the watch is working fine now.

Jo Jo says:

Thank you and god bless.

Sons of the Edelweiss says:

My mechanical watch stopped keeping time is there a simple procedure that I can do to get it to work again? Common causes(rotar not stuck). Could this just be a matter of adjusting the regulator? Thank you.

hockeyrd99 says:

Unscrewing those screws until the stem comes out all work in a perfect world. But if the movement is too worn, you may have to unscrew it too far to get the stem out. I like to unscrew it little by little, and then test it by push down on the screw until the stem comes out. That way you don't accidentally unscrew that screw all the way.

ResslerFarms says:

Excellent and informative video. Nice job!

flip says:

Nice video! Great filming. Very helpful. And so Watchable!!!!!

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