How to Properly Ruin Your Richard Mille?!

Alright, so pretty much when I’m talking about how to ruin your Richard Mille corectly, I’m not talking about swimming with it in the sea with the crown open or perhaps hitting it with a hammer or something of that nature.

I’m talking about how to completely piss off the purists and go full custom with your Richard Mille.

I mean you know getting one of these watches and adding after market options to it is just like getting this Lamborghini right here and dropping rims and a Mansory body kit. I mean, so what if it’s yours and you wanna enhance it in a tasteful manner of course, then why not? As long as it’s all quality and done right.

This is the type of shit that pisses people off, but at the same time too they can’t stop staring at it when they see it, you know? It’s kind of like, “Damn!”

So there’s no denying that right now the trends with the whole bust down and iced out watches is hot. I mean, there was a point in time where the pinnacle of this was a Royal Oak Offshore completely flooded with diamonds.

You know, now it’s gone moving up and up and up where even the Patek Nautiluses weren’t even safe. Now, you’re even seeing it on the Richard Milles, so much that even Richard Mille themselves have released some of their editions with the MPTP quartz cases with diamonds on the actual case.

So I mean, you know the styles will change. Before there was just standard rose with the diamonds, now its gone the flower or honeycomb. But overall, there’s nothing wrong with adding some ice to your Richard Mille.

So as the styles change, you know even with this diamond thing, they’ve been changing. First there were in single rose. Now like I said earlier, it’s gone to honeycomb or flower, which is pretty much the diamonds are all spread out and it’s the least amount of metal possible.

So if you’re gonna do something like this to a watch like this, you’re gonna wanna go high quality.

You don’t wanna have some ugly stones with bad quality and poor finish on the overall look of the case. So if you wanna like the purist would say, ruin your Richard Mille, you gotta go high end with it and go all the way.

So one of the easiest ways that I like to check the quality of a bust-down or an iced out watch is I like to rub a cotton shirt like this over the setting.

Right off the back, it doesn’t even drag any hairs or nothing.

Where if it’s poorly done, it’ll feel like Velcro, you know? Almost like you’re rubbing Velcro together. Same thing, so right off the back when you just rub it like this, it doesn’t even get stuck or do nothing.

That’s because of the way that the setting was done, all the prongs were nicely polished and left with no sharp edges and those are some of the things that’s gonna separate the men from the boys when it comes to these bustdown watches.

Some of the things that I wanna point out on this RM11 is that the sides are titanium. Now that’s incredibly hard to set. It’s probably one of the hardest materials to set diamonds in because there’s no room for error. The prongs can snap. They don’t twist or bend with this. Anything done wrong, it will crack and there really is no way to reset the prongs, so you gotta make sure that whoever is doing this is the best.

Another thing I wanna tell you is if you notice, there’s no borders. It’s all rolled diamonds all around and another thing that for me is the most important is, take a look at the circles around those screws, how perfect they are. They’re not jagged or they’re not perfectly done. It’s perfectly done all the way around.

The circumference is perfect. That for me is a big, big thing I look at when I see these bust-down watches, it’s how nice the little circle bevel around these screws are carved into the case.

Another thing I wanna point out with the trends and the overall quality are the baguette set on the sides. Again, very hard to do because the baguettes need to be cut as they’re actually setting it. You can’t get pre-cut diamonds for this type of job.

One other thing I wanna point out is that this particular one has baguettes put even on the sides of the button, which nobody right now has that. It’s the little details that add up to be a lot when you’re gonna go and properly do something like this on a watch of this caliber.

Now a watch like this can’t be done so nice and not be watertight. I mean, not that I trying to go swimming with the Richard Mille period, even if it’s just not even diamonded out. But you wanna make sure that you got all the right things done, so the overall product is quality at the end.

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