how to make your wacom tablet wireless!

how to make your wacom tablet wireless!

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Did you know you can convert your Wacom tablet to a wireless tablet? Wacom has a kit that you can purchase which will convert almost any Wacom tablet to a wireless Wacom tablet with a chargeable battery inside. Check out this video and watch me unbox and set this thing up.

This is the Wifi kit I used in this video:

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Ashlyn Healey says:

So I bought a wired tablet, but my laptop straight up doesn’t have a USB port (it’s a MacBook Air, I believe the 11 inch model). I’m going out on a limb here, but would there be any way to purchase the wireless kit and be able to use my tablet without plugging in the larger of the two pieces? Or I guess, would the connection on the tablet’s end work with my laptop’s bluetooth alone?

CookieCrumbzz says:

can i set this up if my usb port is broken?

Graveyard Milk says:

Is there a wireless adaptor for the Wacom cintiq 13hd ?

Artur Perzyna says:

Dude, what device is this? Pth-660? Looks way different than mine, why u didnt say model of device you are reviewing? Intuos Pro, thats is, assuming by date it might be pth-600, but doesnt looks like.

Ghost's Graphics says:

My intuos pro came with the wifi kit. Did they stop doing that?

Richard Mauro Ricchiuti says:

I love your videos BUT regarding Wacom (unless I just am doing something terribly wrong) has an awful wireless system! I own a Medium Intuos Pro, which came with the wireless kit. I tried in last year and after your video again today and it sucks. It fails to keep a connection and doesn’t "wake up" quickly either. The cord is the better option in my experience! 🙂

Babar Asghar says:

Wacom started putting in the wireless kit with it and intuos 5 was renamed as intuos Pro

Anaisel Ramos says:

I have a wacom pro small but the wireless hasnt worked in like two months, the computer stopped picking up the small USB attachment. I have to keep plugging it in now

Federico R. says:

i lost my dongle reciever? is there a chance to use it wthout the dongle on my laptop?

Synergy Y says:


Synergy Y says:

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Krabbel8beiner says:

This intro is so great. Does it work with a different USB Cable? I lost the original one and the replacement works only for charging.
And charging and working aren’t possible at the same time, it looses the connection every 15 seconds -.-
Take care about your USB Cable lol

Quandleberg Humpadick says:

what’s the latency likke ?

Alexander Laheij says:

Can the WACOM CINTIQ 13HD be made wireless? @tutvid

Chris Slabber says:

Nice Tuts – hehe. I wanted to know, what monitor are you using?
Thanks and I’ll be sure to support the tutvid cause.


Is there an adapter kit that doesn’t require a dongle and transmits straight bt? The only reason to go wireless is to free up ports and if you have to still use port then there’s no point for me.

Slowness says:

Nice intro tho

The Mechanist says:

Is there anything like this for the Wacom Cintiq 24 HD?? I have multiple devices I use on mine and a wifi or bluetooth connection would be awesome

Thee Apollo says:

Can the Cintiq qhd be wireless?

Sketchcat says:

Does it work / is it compatable with a Cintiq companion?

VisualsOfLion says:

Does it work with a cintiq

James Harris says:

I have the Wacom Wireless Intuos 4 Mod: PTK-540WL and was never able to get it to work with the wi-fi dongles that were available. Wacom suggested one that also didn’t work. I tried about 3 or 4. When they came out with this wi-fi adapter I discovered it wasn’t compatible with my particular Intuos 4. Wacom basically made a device that didn’t work (unless you just use a USB cable) and they never did make it right. I only use it occasionally, but with the cable. 🙁

blitzkrieg3456 says:

step 1: rip the cable off

MistyQuake _ says:

Question, Can you connect your intuos pro to an iPad mini?

ineslou123 says:

does it work for the cintiq 13HD?

Hankerson Photography & Video says:

Is it me….but after watching, I still don’t know how to make the wireless connection with the computer.

Flexxkii says:

6:40 nice… xD

taimdala says:

Alas, my model of Intuos 4 dates to 2008 – 2009. It doesn’t have the battery port or the wi-fi port built in. It only has the smooth sculpted edges on 4 sides with a single USB port.

Le sigh.

Craig Jones says:

I just found my old tablet, it doesn’t work anymore, time to upgrade I think 🙂

ru elsamman says:

so its not compatible wth the old wacom bamboo cth-670 ? :""(
l just baught the wirless kit and put in everything but it doesnt seem 2 work !

sablesalamanders says:

I’d understand why a cintiq would benefit from a wireless system, because it’s a separate monitor basically, but it makes literally no sense with a tablet that you’re going to need to be in front of the computer for anyways.