How to Make a Conquistador Paracord Watch Band- DIY Watchband-CbyS

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Today’s tutorial shows you how to make a „Conguistador“ paracord watch band. Our favorite braid for this purpose. Enjoy!

Paracord products used in this video can be found here through my Amazon affiliate links: TW Steel Unisex Quartz Watch with Black Dial Chronograph Display and Black Leather Strap TW843

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NewMan DIY says:

Good job!! Want this watch!

Filippo Ragazzo says:

Hi … Congratulations for the job. You tell me where I can find the awl for the paracord and the hook to close the buckle on the watch. Thank you

Preppersaurus Rex says:

The simplest tutorial I have seen on the Conquistador. And no vocals needed. Great job.

誰主浮沉 says:

Awesome 😍

Steven Teener says:

nice job…more lighting would help since this is somewhat backlit; the Black kinda disappears.

Jason Miner says:

Can you share what clasp that is? I have no idea how to even search for it….. thanks! Love the work!

Rodel Tiatco says:

what kind of buckle is that?

あっきーぃ says:


Maryury Lisanti says:

que rabia con esos videos y anuncios ,no deberian de hacer eso njd

YOYOBOY666999 R.I.P says:

Great vid n channel, like n sub.

Juan Chagala Molina says:

Excellent work friend, very good video very detailed, it is worth to spend time with your video, keep it up, you have one more follower.

KAYDEN Coleslaw says:

What about the watch piece. Where can we find it.

Skinny Peat says:

Man… i Wish i could do this with my damaged Watch…

артур калараш says:

вы делаете чудесные вещи

Boris Zegarra says:

Cool excelente un gran trabajo en paracord …

VIVVONE Khurapaat says:

Can u make it in 2 different colors

Анатолий Кирьянов says:



Occem I like it uou

Hawi Abdu says:

What did you called the rob

Semper Fi says:

can I please have a direct link to purchase the 550 paracord watch your making in this video, awesome videos btw …I wanted to purchase a desert tan with army green band …thanks again

Leonardo Edmundo de Elcoro says:

Muy bueno!!!

Marwan shabaan says:

i want u make me all kinds u made to sell it …please call me 00201004500534 or let me your sell

Nick Frost says:

Great job! Easy to understand. The music helped a lot!! ✌

RoaroftheTiger says:

hi ! Can you please tell me the Width in Millimeters, of this Conquistador "watch strap" I've got a rather Large "aviator's watch "(Case size is 50mm / the Lug end is 26mm). Therefore, I'm concerned that Your "band", may Not be compatible. Especially, since It's likely, the Lug Size on the Watch, in the video; Does Not exceed 22 or 24 mm.
I'd really would like to hear " your take ", on Lug Size …. A Matter, which is ALWAYS missing; in Any videos I've seen concerning Paracord Watch Bands …Thank You

oldsquid55 says:

I can't seem to find where you're selling the buckles. Can you provide a link? Mahalo!

engel kraa says:

Nice. Thanks

oldsquid55 says:

Where do you get those buckles? Very nice!

lữ khách says:

hay lắm cám ơn bạn rất nhiều :))

David Johnson says:

Great looking paracord strap, nice attention to detail, I really like those buckles, what are they called?