How to Identify Keto Scams | Product Reviews and Taste Test!

How to Identify Keto Scams | Product Reviews and Taste Test!
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How to Identify Keto Scams | Product Reviews and Taste Test!
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Michelle Feammelli says:

Bandwagon products!

Amanda Dayton says:

Love burn butter!

Elan says:

I can say first hand that collagen works, especially for tendons and ligaments that do not heal well by themselves (if at all). I injured my shoulder in high school playing football and it would constantly dislocate. It would happen randomly, could be while lifting something, surfing, diving in a pool, it even dislocated while handing a phone to someone that was behind me once, was not fun. At times I could feel my shoulder trying to slip out of its socket just while standing. My shoulder has dislocated itself over the years so many times I just figured it was now part of my daily life . Since taking collagen everyday over the last 2 years, it reduced to … well it hasn't happened in about a year, and it doesn't even feel like it is slipping. Also, my lifestyle has stayed consistent. I have mostly used a bovine collagen, also at times mixing in marine (though its much more expensive.. I used it at first because I wanted to kick-start the process). I dont think it's for everyone (as with most things in life), but it has been working for me great.

There is no reason to take collagen if you do not need it, that however does not mean that its a useless or scammy product.

Enjoyed the video, thanks!

patti ann says:


patti ann says:

pho-to   phony keto!

elizabeth says:

The birthday cake nui cookies taste like straight up almond extract to me! Haha

Peacelove278 Ruiz says:

That’s what you call bandwagon

s dizzle says:

Lol yaw are so honest af!! Yo, Call them faux axx companies CLOUT CHASERS!!!! ??

Suzanne Walsh says:

You really need to comment on prices in your reviews. Prices are the biggest scam of all in Keto. I mean you guys are so lucky to have the choice that you do over there with the keto and low carb products, because here in the UK we have so very little choice, and most of what we do get is just trash. However, price really does matter, because what we usually do get is from your companies that do happen to trade here too, and then we end up paying through the back teeth for it. That granola you mentioned is a prime example. At $13 a bag it's a complete rip off for something that is supposed to be cereal replacement, something that if it was cereal would cost a couple of dollars. If that came to the UK we'd end up having to pay about £15 a bag, for something that would cost less than £3 if it was cereal. The ingredients really don't warrant the price hike. The cookies and protein bars are another massive rip off too. Here in the UK we have to pay £1.85 to £3.00 for a cookie, or a protein bar, such as Grenade, which is outrageous considering our minimum wage is £7.83 at it's highest. So whilst something may taste good, the scam isn't just about the taste, or the ingredients, it's about the cost, and whether the products is seriously worth its price tag, just because it's wearing a Keto Label.

Kat Gerber says:

I know the term when someone jumps on the environmental bandwagon just for profit is "greenwashing". So… "healthwashing"? Keto-washing?

adrienne voivedich says:

I know you mentioned it in video, but most of this stuff is stupid expensive. I love you guys dearly but maybe factor that into your reviews. I don't care if it taste like baby unicorn tears its not worth it. ( I.e. gra-pow is $13 bucks for 10 ozs) Wicked cuts is the exception they even are willing fo send you a sample bag for the trees.

Linda Fraser says:

So I ordered Samples from Wicked Cutz 2 weeks ago still haven't receive in mail. Is that normal??

Heidi Strain says:

Just found you guys. Thank you for your common sense Keto. I am super new to Keto, 3 weeks in but down 12 lbs. So much confusion out there and so many non keto products. Got sucked into a keto shake that took me out of ketosis. I am just eating real food. No fat bombs or keto desserts. I do make a super high fat shake but without any store bought "keto" powders. I am so super confused about net carbs. I don't count net carbs. Is that right? I was on a horrible Facebook group and everyone was dirty keto. So much confusion.

Shirley Singer says:

That is too expensive, granola 13.00 a bag! Ketchup 12.00 a bottle. I really love you Matt and Megan thanks for all you do for us!! Huggsss

Emily Matt says:

What do you think of Perfect Keto products?

Rebecca Faubion says:

Fad company


The term you're trying to think of is a "cash grab" company or a "cash grab" product. Companies copying trends or competitors to try and make as much money on the hype as they can.

Michelle O says:

Hey guys I think if your home all the time and you can eat piles of greens at every sitting that’s fantastic but there are some great green drinks out there that do you supply a lot of nutrients unfortunately the ones that are the best probably taste the worst but I think it is a beneficial products depending on your situation
I do agree that eating the actual food is the best but whether it not be in season or not accessible I think that you need to look at the whole pictureWhen your denouncing a whole product like green drinks in general just my opinion for whatever it’s worth
You two rock ????

Michelle O says:

Collagen has been an extremely useful product for me as 45 yo
Collagen production slows with age and when I started using collagen in my coffee and also adding turmeric I experienced a vast improvement in joint pain to the point where I have none at all and that has helped tremendously with losing weight because now when I exercise it hurts my muscles not my joints if that makes sense.
I think you guys being the age you are may be one of the reasons why you don’t feel it’s necessary or if any benefit if you are over 40 or do experience joint pain I would look into it?? love Matt and Megha

Ashley Toaddy says:

Seriously great info! That grass fed “coffee” would have totally got me. Love your kitchen btw!!

Gayle Harrison says:

Actually I think the MCT oil powder is a good idea. My sister & I use it in our coffee, and a pouch is handy to have in your handbag when you are out having coffee. My sister buys small containers and puts a scoop of MCT oil powder in & takes them to work with her.

Beauty And The Vape says:

As much as I love these videos, I find the majority of this stuff not necessary on Keto. I would not waste my daily carbs on a tiny portion of granola…sorry. Plus all the artificial sweeteners actually make me crave sweets more, so I just stay away from keto sweets. I sometimes think you guys really walk the line on these products and their macros/ingredients as to what is acceptable keto. These of course are just my opinions, but if I am going to splurge…make sure you are fat adapted (never use any of this stuff when you are just starting on Keto) and eat a real cannoli. You will not die, you will be fine. Much better than snacking on this crap every day and using up your macros on it when you can be eating whole, nutritious filling real foods.

sheba t says:

I so enjoy watching you both. Thank you keeping us Keto people updated on products. Keto Connect Rocks.

BC GOLD says:

opportunists is the word

Chris Godsoe says:

How about just….Faketo?

Elisa Lovelace-Jones says:

I’d say the powder mct oil not to eat out of the package but to put in your coffee or something

Brian Crizaldo says:

What do you think about Popchips?

Jeffrie Story says:

Thank you! What a super service you provide. One thing: I frequently had a problem figuring out the brand name of the products. They were mentioned quickly but frequently only once. Not a big deal – it would just help.

Squishytrishy says:

KetoCookie hands down.
I’d love for y’all to make those wheat thin crackers

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