HOW TO Give a Great Presentation – 7 Presentation Skills and Tips to Leave an Impression

HOW TO Give a Great Presentation – 7 Presentation Skills and Tips to Leave an Impression

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Learn the best tips and tricks to give a great presentation. If you’ve ever given a presentation before, you might know where you can improve and what your strengths are, but Dana has compiled a list of 7 presentation skills and ideas everyone needs to know to make a lasting impression.

Dana Blouin is an entrepreneur currently living in Bangkok, Thailand where he is the co-founder and CEO of his newest company, Mango Labs, a tech startup that is building a new quantified-self platform. Over the past two years, Dana has given hundreds of presentations and talks all over the world. These are the top 7 tips he has put together based on his experiences.

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Gerd vomBerg says:

Thanks a lot for the video, quiet pratical advices!
one thing – can you talk a little bit slower in your next video, that would help me to pick up all the points 🙂

W A says:

Tip.#8 Never, ever speak like the guy in the video before an audience; speak slow with pauses to leave a lasting impression. All the best 👌

Purpose Creates Impact says:

This is so true, I use this all the time when I teach

Gino Morella says:

This video could have been a good video but it was terrible.The Person who was talking needs to slow down, it was way to fast

Ashanti Wright says:

Great tips! However, the details that were being stated was going too fast.

Mark Te Tane Hohaia says:

The irony… How to present information without knowing how to apply it. And,the reasons why images are commonly used; As… "A Dummy’s Guide to Understand Waffling Presenters!" Hmm.

Miroslav Ajder says:

Dude, slow down. Why talk so fast. 🙂

Nick Summit says:

35% of people never learn

Laura Hulland says:

Good video. We are told about telling a story and the repetition ie. Tell me what your telling me, tell me about it, tell me what you told me. The practice bit was the surprise though. I have a promotion presentation to do tuesday and ive done the presentation but was going to wing it on the day because i thought it would sound rehearsed if i went through it first. But now im going to present to anyone who will listen. Mine has to be to a panel amd at least 40 mins long… Gulp

marciellebrandler says:

Great video

Al Yousef says:

OMG .. i will going to going an presentation after a week from now ..

Vidya Sagar says:

its too fast as if someone pressed a fast forward button

Kipauttaja says:

Wish my teacher would watch this

Mr. Anonymous says:

i hope that i didn’t see a dab… (i think i did)

Richard LEE [08N02M] says:


Jhavendra Katariya says:

Hello sir i want learn how to make this type of presentation so please help me sir

pregação Pb. Mateus says:

very good.

Zhadyra Kayratkyzy says:


Salestific Rafa Rivelles says:

Yeah ! Great suggestions

Paulo josé says:

this video is in the same style of the chanel red pill psychology. Also, the name of the channel is quite similar. Do you know each other or something?

george Mathew says:

short and nailed it

Mohd Anas says:

Great video I learn About presentation skill from here

æsthëtïç_ mëmê says:

Lol I’m that one person who makes their presentation the night before it’s due.

Odalys Avila says:

this is really helpful


you speak too fast and i dont understand nothing, you failed at presentation man!

Matto niy says:

Got to give a massive corporate presentation on Tuesday, thanks!

Kathleen Galvin says:

This video is really helpful! Thank you!

StarLiit says:

This was B-O-R-I-N-G :/ Stoped half way…

Foopysedoopsylol RBLX says:

great tips, thanks for sharing.

Other Guy says:

I have presentation next week

jayanga liyanage says:

Very helpful. But what this link do ?

yixu9390 yixu9390 says:


Tesco Tech says:

Very good tips, I did really well my presentation I tried to follow the steps and was successful! Thank you

rattyeely says:

watching this guy "draw" all those perfect fonts and different art-styles is painful. Like, good message on the video, but did you really have to pretend you drew it all


video was too good….. everything was almost perfect

Kalpana Rajput says:

I hate this writing and drawing videos just normally speak

Pratima kakkar says:

Speak slow dude

Natsu Uzamaki says:

I am in a grade 5 to 9 science fair project and it is on june 3 2018 you helped me practice a lot

Ugyen Norbu says:

You are speaking so fast with no emphasis, tonal and pitch variation.

presentation design says:

goood video.. we can use powerpoint template to make beuatiful interactive presentation like this :
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M V says:

Thank you! Liked and subscribed!

Omkar kumbhar says:

Thnx for help

Miss Roua says:

thanks a lot it is really very useful in a simple attractive way

Amna Soomro says:

Why do most of these public speaking videos have Robert Downey Jr or Leonardo DiCaprio on thumbnails😍

Taejong Jin says:

I think this video clip has really pretty illustrations and good explanations.

Magesso Felitiano says:

There i can download this for free?

Ramnish Mishra says:

It was a good presentation skill.

Sulabh Sharma98 says:

Good points.
I read here one extra point “ speak slowly” can be useful.
Beside this pls also make summary at last of the video(can write only points).

G-SHIELD says:

Guys checkout this killer presentation..

Shelby Chanel says:

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