How to find a spiritual connection | Radhanath Swami | TEDxSquareMile

How to find a spiritual connection | Radhanath Swami | TEDxSquareMile

In a world shrunken by digital connections are we still nourishing the right connections in our lives and in society?

How can we get better connected spiritually ,with ourselves and with each other? Spiritual leader Radhanath Swami addresses these questions in this insightful talk.

Radhanath Swami is a world renowned author, philanthropist and community builder.

He has been a Bhakti Yoga practitioner and spiritual teacher for more than 40 years. He is the inspiration behind a free mid-day meal for 1.2 million school kids across India and he has been instrumental in founding the Bhaktivedanta Hospital in Mumbai.

He has keynoted at Apple, Starbucks, Google and House of Lords. His work has led to meetings with U.S. President Barack Obama and India Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Raul Reina says:

Y Krishna? Y El Maha Mantra? Y Srila Prabhupada? Solo predica Filosofia Hippie mas bien! Que desastre!

slimmdogg420 says:

This is what Ted talks have become? I will pass on any future ones.

kiskeacity says:

Is he Indian?

Merch Para says:

A working toilet, at least for the 1 billion who need one, this guy is a waste man if he has not built one

Chandraveer says:

God has given the free will to choose in our life. If we make the right choices, we will become a good person in life. Wisdom by spiritual literatures and saints help us to make the right choice. Wonderful Talk!

eric5906 says:

What a giant phony. He doesn’t even mention chanting Hare Krishna.

Krishna Negi says:

Just wanna take the time to thank the wonderful audiences for understanding and being compassionate!

Hotel Greenland says:

All I would say after hearing his talks and reading his latest book – The Journey Within (NYT Best Seller), is that there is great wisdom to learn from spiritual literatures and lives of True saints.

I frequently hear Swami’s talks to be focused in true goal of life.
Thanks TEDx for arranging such talks.

Chandraveer Gurjar says:

Swami speaks very relevant but still sublime message! I feel to implement the teachings of wisdom literatures he quotes from in my life and raise my life to higher standard and knowledge.

I ordered his latest NYT Best seller "The Journey Within", will start soon to read it.
Thanks TEDx for inviting him.

Fatjoni Tepshi says:

People should never be "whole" its an evolutionary drive idiot. If people are "whole" they and their progress stagnates.
I say may you never be satisfied always be thirsty always be hungry , because these are the very things that got you out of your cave of misery.

Rambo Peace says:

Hare Krishna prabhuji 🙏👍

watch time says:

Wow! Thank you Swamiji

S S says:

Compassion’s the key. Hare Krishna

Christopher Debattista says:

In a world shrunken by digital connections are we still nourishing the right connections in our lives and in society? ..Rightly said. We’re losing connection with the true essence of love. God is Love in himself. God does not give only Love, but he is love. And this is because love itself contains justice and compassion beyond our understanding. There are many spirits, but which one is the right one. One is entitled to his/her opinion but if opinion only exists to accommodate one’s lifestyle, it does not reflect the pursuit of truth. Sometimes truth makes you uncomfortable and indeed, the Christian lifestyle is the most persecuted in the world to the extend of having a counter cult……Satanism. Jesus is the truth the way and the light. I know I might be hated for saying this, but its part of my faith. I am only sharing…….not shoving……peace be unto you.

Poker Email says:

thus dude is nuts

Rose Rivet / Rasika Gopi devi dasi says:

Thank you!

Aaron Mughal says:

This man is a fraud and criminal, and protects child molesters!

Banikanta Roy says:

Incredible speech on spiritual topic. we all are part of the God so we should love everything irrespective of creature in the world

Rama d says:

oh how cute. someone who covers up murders of the Lords devotees giving a lecture.

Rudy Snoeck says:

How could we subtitle this clip in French. We are French speaking and could translate. Thank you for a reply

William Burts says:

" true spirituaity is to see every living being with equal vision" love it

अजबदेश की गजबकहानी says:

Hearts are starving

Claire E says:


Duan Torruellas says:

The joy of life is expressing our compassion in everything we do.
Thats right , Very true. You can’t pin your hopes of happiness on others , if so you will be subject to
Constant disappointment because most people are shyte.

Nitya Nair says:

Does anyone think he sounds exactly like Pocahontas’ dad? ( Disney movie )

great talk btw

Tim says:

This video feels like xanax

theologian सदानन्दि says:


Ning says:

Thanks for the speech and sharing the video🙏🏻

eric5906 says:

For all our newbies & people who don’t know about Radhanath’s scary past, Google Radhanatha+New Vrndavana. Get a copy of Monkey on a Stick. He is accused of some very dirty things like helping his friend, Kirtanananda conduct money laundering, drug running & ordering murders. He sure can put up a great act, though.

Merch Para says:

Small beady eyes, a greedy looking mouth thin lips, a monster hiding behind a sadhu’s
garb, if you want to see what a mlechha chandala looks like show this guys pic

TheAltruismActivist says:

His autobiography ‘Journey Home’ is one of the best books I have ever read 🙂

Stand up Philosophy says:

Why feels so Fake !

Divine Existence says:

Haribol Swamiji!
I’d love to come and work in your Ahimsa farm <3

Prashant Edassery says:

Essentially human beings make use of n give importance to only buddhi (intellect). But in yoga it’s only one part of the human mind, the other 3 parts being the ahankara(identity), manas(memory) n chitta( consciousness ). Ahankara is not ego as it’s falsely understood, it means what you identity with for e.g. your religion, nationality, role etc. Memory has 16 sub divisions n is not limited to the memory of the mind, it includes the blueprint etched in your DNA over a period of time. And lastly consciousness or the boundless, that which is life itself.
The education imparted today is sadly equipped to handle n understand only the intellect. The whole conditioning is to compete for a better lifestyle n not Life itself. Therefore, it limits n stunts the understanding of human nature which is so boundless n immensely beautiful.

Brajpal Tyagi says:

Great swamiji 🙏🙏

Manoharan Thangavelu says:

Need for removal internal pollution and external environments pollution for better living

ps baruah says:

he didn’t say HARE KRISHNA in the beginning.He is not a devotee

Ziad Khan says:

talking in air !!!

Laxmikant Indur says:

very great thoughts by RADHANATH SWAMI.

S.Dilip Kumar Singha says:

Really great words n great message with full of wisdoms.

LetsLearn Study & Educational says:

I wonder how much he gets paid to do that.

Dave R says:

I think i’m getting sick.

Richard Conner says:


Nici Peper says:


Hare Krishna! Movie Trailer The Mantra,the Movement says:

Hi swamiji, awesome!!!!!! Even I am Indian I don’t have any idea. I applaud of you. I think you’re American. because your accent is like that. it’s great great great job.

kashif Nawaz says:

super super awesome video…

Aarya Khale says:

He is also the founder of govardhan Eco village near Mumbai. Very peaceful place to be in this extremely chaotic world

Poker Email says:

what’s wrong with the spiritual leaders mouths?

Koneru Umamaheshwara Rao Rao says:

Very valuable videos !

rahul devnath says:

swamiji, i love you