How-To: Change A Battery On A Timex Weekender Quartz Snap Caseback Watch With Household Items

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Easily change your Timex Weekender quartz watch battery or any snap-back wristwatch with common household items: a knife and a sturdy plastic top or container. This video was made at the request of a viewer! Thanks for watching, liking, and subbing!

1) Acquire knife and sturdy plastic item as close to the size of the caseback as possible
2) Pry off caseback with knife using leverage and opening slot on caseback (point knife blade away from yourself!)
3) Pop battery out with knife and replace battery: CR 2016 3V with the Weekender
4) Check caseback’s gasket to make sure it is in good shape
5) Using you plastic item on top of the caseback, carefully press caseback on. The Weekender has very tight tolerances so you will need either a vice or a thin carpet to put the watch head on while you evenly step on the plastic top (this is an improvised caseback press ha!).
6) Make sure the watch is running by fully depressing the crown into the case.
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Elizabeth Rexford says:

Thanks so much! I used a pill bottle cover and it worked immediately! Saved me a trip to the jewelers!

Fatu Castillo says:

Should the watch start timing right after I put the battery in or after I put the back on?

Nancy Buss says:

Oh thank you!! After watching other videos and trying failed techniques (for me) the pill top did the trick!!!

Jon Costa says:

Im too skinny i cant push it down haha

Walter Dennison says:

Once again this technique was a life saver. Thanks so much for posting this!!

Kanga Guru says:

When the pill cap thing wasn’t working I used a blanket sheet and locking pliers. That worked out

Patrick Kelly says:

Hahaha I like the "thanks for watching" in the first 15 second. You got me to continue to the end.

Ian Connel says:

I would love to send you a one-time donation via PayPal.

Lynn Bettis says:

Needed a photo of what the pry tab looked like. Well. My husband did it for me after he saw me with a knife. He was afraid I'd cut myself. We did it. Thank you for this video.

Julio Mo says:

Thank you for the lesson.

Daniel Robert says:

And that dot at 1 O'clock on the back cover indicates the location of that identention in which to pry the case open.

razvanon says:

No more timex for me because of that crappy case back. My expedition wasn't water tight anymore after changing the battery

Steve Badalamente says:

For Gods sake keep it simple and get the job done with out all the stupid commentary

Mike Jackson says:

Okay, had gotten the battery changed, but COULD NOT get the back to snap back in place. Pill bottle top worked the first time. Thanks for the tip.

Edwin Ramos says:

You're essentially using a lever action to to pry with a knife…..let that sink in

m r says:

Claritin lid worked like a charm. Thanks, Ray Romano!

E to the C to the M says:

"…but if you're ghetto fabulous…" ???

WillForsberg says:

Do not use a knife to remove the back…take it from me based on experience…it is really easy to stab yourself or cut your hand which is holding the watch. Instead buy a jewelers screw driver set. Tiny screw drivers for less than $10. You'll use them on other things too…

Javier Hernandez says:

Timex is an asshole for not using a cr2032. Absolutely no one would mind an extra 1.6mm of thickness but I would love more battery life.

muchammad ichwan says:

Its 2018 and i can confirm this bottle cap trick is worked for my Timex expedition. Too well actually. Before, the indiglo doesn't work. The button kinda stuck and the cap came off. now its worked normally. But i didn't step on it. Instead i used a book (hardcover) on top of the bottle cap and hammer it down. I only need 3 tap and the cover snapped in. Before that i put some tape on the crystal & the back cover so it doesn't move while i hammer it. Quick explanation : the bottle cap used to spread the weight on back cover equally when the impact hits. Because if the weight only focused on the center, the back cover will slightly bent inside & deliver the impact inside and it'll break the mechanic or the crystal. Make sure the bottle cap doesn't slide off when you step / hammer it

Nann Marie says:

Dude, i was able to get my watch back, back on! Thx!!

formerlyEddie - Ed Mac says:

Is the watch likely to retain its water resistance? I assume it’s just that built in rubber seal that you mentioned that stops water getting in. If the seals good then hopefully it will still be water resistant?

John Nau says:

Thanks man! Couldn't imagine it would take that type of pressure. Pill lid works well, and was successful with my hands. Thanks again.

pw10a2sal says:

Great Video, laughed a bit at your intentional jokes, now I know what not to do…. XD

Marnie29x2 says:

Thanks. I'm in a foreign country and my watch fell in on a tile floor and the back popped off in the middle of the night. I appreciate the advice. A pill cap did the trick.

Jo Gordon says:

Thank you. I had already gotten the battery out, but could not get the back on to save my life. I had a prescription bottle top to put on top of the back of my mother's very small Timex and once putting pressure on it in the living room, it worked like a charm. Of course, when I heard the "crack", I was holding my breath hoping I had not cracked the front panel. But to my surprise, the back clicked on and it's back to working condition. Great video – thanks again.

m e says:

Very helpful & love your sense of humor 🙂

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