How To Build Your Own Kitchen Cabinets: Part 1

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This is a first of a series of videos, where I will demonstrate how to build a complete set of cabinets for a small kitchen, using only a small set of relatively inexpensive tools. You don’t need a huge shop with lots of expensive tools to do a quality job. In this first video of the series, I’ll talk about the cabinet face frames, plywood and we’ll cut all of our pieces to size.


kkpaine says:

Advised Polycrylic doesn’t yellow. I want to build w/o doors and w/ wood termites aren’t so found of. Thinking recycled redwood. Upper shelving Coated wire (ha termites). Small kitchen: 64×18 bar shelf, 61x25x36h prep counter, 80wx25dx36h sink cabinet that has a 30g water heater in one space. How difficult can this be?

kkpaine says:

Like your spirit,

august wong says:

Great video, thanks. Hope to see your next video starting with some safety instructions because those woodworking machines can really do some damage to you if not handled properly.

Jacob Wilson says:

How thick does the frame need to be? Can I use mortise and tenons in lieu of pocket holes?

Gino Asci says:

As you say there is an advantage to building custom cabinets, but how do you deal with 15" deep uppers when you lean in to work or grab something at the back of the counter? I can see making the microwave area 15" deep because it won't interfere when leaning forward. Anyway, great video!

Harry M says:

why do you americans put your microwaves above your stoves? i always find that weird…


What type of plywood are you using to build the cabinet and what type of wood for the facial.

Thomas Barrett says:

Very helpful. Articulate and easy to understand. Thanks for the tip on the hand saw jig and use of the scrap to minimize tear-out. Purposely have cut things big and later finetuned n the table saw. This will allow me to save a step.

Mike Milam says:

Pat, you have the gift of teaching. Attention to detail without overload. I have been watching your videos for the last couple nights almost non-stop. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise with us all.

Warren Allred says:

Not sure if I missed it but is faceplate 3/4" stock and ply used also 3/4"?

Jas Rubi says:

You're a great teacher! Love your videos!

Greg Newton says:

Hi Pat, I wanted to let you know that I've binge watched your cabinet videos and I think they're excellent.  I really like that you're not in a super fancy shop with equipment that most of us can't afford, but you're able to do some great work.  I've been using the Kreg jig for a while now, but you've inspired me to take a chance and build a set of cabinets for our kitchen.  Now if only could do a video with tips on convincing your wife that you can build your own cabinets. 🙂

garry smythe says:

Great little video Pat, well presented and not spoilt my annoying music ,look forward to watching the rest of the video's , thanks for posting. Garry. UK