How to Build Kitchen Cabinets (In Detail)

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This is a comprehensive video that gets into great detail on what is required to make kitchen cabinets including different styles of cabinet (face frame and euro style). Watch the whole thing and then come back later and use the table of contents for the video (below) so you can jump right to the part you want to watch again.

Part 1: INTRODUCTION (0:00)
Part 3: TOOLS YOU’LL NEED (4:45)
Part 8: DRAWER SLIDES (41:41)
Part 9: FINISHING (52:29)

This is the DVD accompaniment to Greg Paolini’s Kitchen Cabinets Made Easy book.

For more information and to attend a class from Greg go to

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Daniel Mumby says:

Not bad at all. HMR for all kitchens recommended?

John Ruiz says:

This is one of the best videos that I have seen in a long time.Look forward to seeing it again when no one is around.

Laoda Chen says:

The furniture made in China’s Ming dynasty & Qing dynasty are still solid today, it does not have any nail, all handy work very beautiful curve

Laoda Chen says:

Traditional carpenter art included?

Epic Squirrel says:

Probably one of the best videos on YouTube

Ming Zheng Lim says:

good skills

Enrique Reyes Jr says:

Wow! I restored Porsche, and Mercedes Benz cars at my shop in California, then built prototype high performance cars for Chrysler and Dodge for Carol Shelby, I have to say, you have done a great job showing how to not just build cabinets, but show how to use the tools you used, and why! Awesome job!

uncleallen09 says:

Very informative

Larry James says:

This is a great video. Very clear and thorough. watched it 3 or 4 times already. Went out and bought a dovetail jig, pocket screw set, and new dado set after watching this. I'm fairly skilled with wood work, but this "how to" video is fantastic. I'm building a new house in Phoenix, and what me and the wife want would have to be custom built. Going for a different look with gloss black cabinets doors and matte black quartz countertops. The estimates were all north of $18k for custom built cabinets/installation with lacquer finish. It's a decent size, 10×20, but there's no way I was going to drop that much for cabinets.

Found a good plywood supplier, now just need to figure out what type wood would be best to take a black stain & lacquer for the doors. (Or tinted lacquer if I can find someone who does it.) We still want to see some of the grain, but flat and toned down. I've sprayed a bunch of cars & car parts, but trying to replicate that finish on wood will be a little more challenging I'm sure. Going with the euro-style with hydraulic hinges and slab doors. Project already started….

Ezaarkash says:

Good video – Thank you Mr. Man ! I go make cabinet now ! I go make cabinet now ! I go make cabinet now ! I go make cabinet now !

David Ryle says:

My hats off to you sir, one of the best tutorials I have ever seen.

Moses Asoso says:

i have watched over a hundred video this is the only one that really thought me step by step and even measurement
thank you so much you made me a champion
Cabinets making has not being this simple.

Junior M says:

Great video, very informative. You should be an instructor in some trade school

It's a DIY Life! says:

Great video. I learned the basics. 🙂

Monte Glover says:

Something I was shown years ago install and level your toe kick as a separate single unit make it level and place the base cabinets on the level base, no leveling each one.
Thanks for the great video.

Blue Wren says:

Excellent how-to with no superfluous waffle! This video has had >136K views and just 3.1K likes? WTF?

Dan Pawlicki says:

Awesome job Greg Paolini

DB Cooper says:

I'm curious how much the cost of these compare to similar cabinets at Lowes/Home Depot.

I shoot Nikon says:

no glueeee ???????? staples are not enought on there own, you need glue bro.


great video thanks

Gaylord Henderson says:

Excellent video. Very informative. By the way, where can I purchase devise used on the table saw to prevent kickback? thanks

Jose Velez says:

Great instructional video! Could you do one for a double vanity?

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