How Timex Will Make The Best Watches Under $200 in 2018 – Marlin Reissue Review & Comparison

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Today I return to a brand I have come to admire profoundly over the last few years, thanks in part to my 60s era “Made in Great Britain” Marlin watch.

Any true horologist will know of Timex, their legendary history of innovation, and their rich American legacy. However, since the 80s, the brand has shied away from making mechanical movements and subsequently conquered the affordable entry level quartz watch market. Using smart advertising, clean designs, and dependable quality, they still offer one of the best alternatives to a price range filled with fashion watches and Japanese brand dominance.

Thankfully, things seem to be changing in favour of the watch enthusiast eager to see this legendary brand return to mechanical watchmaking greatness. Today I review the already greatly hyped 2017 Marlin reissue. I compare it to my 1960s original and talk about why I think Timex will dominate in the years to come by looking at their recent military inspired “Waterbury” watch.

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Claude Borg says:

whats the model no for that timex waterbury please? 🙂

Stoney Lonsome says:

The original Marlin I couldn't deal with- chrome plated bezel, base metal case, cheaper pin and lever movement, some kind of plastic crystal that scratches very easily- just not a very well made watch imo. I mean they were fine for 30-50 bucks or so- which is what they used to go for online but- after the Gentry made a big deal of them- you can't get them for a reasonable price any longer. But the reissue- whole different story- I love it. Stainless case and bezel, upgraded Sea Gull movement- yep, I said "upgraded" to a Sea Gull movement, I don't care how badly that stings your patriotism folks, truth is truth. The original pin and lever movement wasn't anywhere near as good as this one. I'm not sure what kind of crystal it utilizes but I assume mineral crystal- wish it were sapphire but, at this price point I doubt it is. Still- I can live with that because it's not as exposed as the original which has that domed crystal and a less prominent bezel. Tbh this new marlin reissue in black, the 40 mm version- looks an awful lot like a Tissot heritage Visodate- which is a watch I absolutely adore but costs quite a bit more than the Marlin.

Dusan Veselka says:

They nailed it with this watch and I think that this is going to put them back on their feet. Its small, its mechanical, its vintage inspired, and its cheap. You dont get much competition here…

Exploding Popadoms says:

My first ever mechanical watch was a 1962 timex marlin with a red sweeping seconds but I lost it before I got much enjoyment out of it 🙁

TheMartialist says:

Welp, I just accidentally won the blackout version on eBay. At $150, an absolute steal. It’ll replace the orient Bambino I sold.

MrCorvusC says:

Great example of an intelligent design. Very elegant, purposeful and functional. I know they call it a reissue, but to me it looks more like a love letter or a tribute to their own iconic piece. It has enough changes to be it's own thing, yet remains unmistakably Marlin.

Steve P says:

Since educating myself about watches and learning terms I am astounded at the value of some Timex watches. Looking at a timex watch I bought 10 years ago what a value. Day, date, indiglo, hackes silver with white face, nice metal link folding clasp and the battery lasts for years. I didn't pay over $25 for this WR50M. Amazing value and good looking for a work watch and I'm a construction worker!

Julius Castillo says:

I just bought one but want to put that blue strap you have on your 60s Marlin. Where did you get that strap?

Ben Williams says:

Thank you for making this review it was wonderful ??☺?

Fotis Papadopoulos says:

you should write with a fountain pen instead of a ballpoint! its like wearing a mechanical watch instead of a quartz 🙂
Thanks for all these great videos!

mgmmaze says:

I had a timex for over 10 years it was the Ironman and went on 4 deployments. I see many people talk about g shock but my timex kept going and going. It finally died only gripe I ever had was the acrylic it was all scratched all that said good to see them going back into mechanical

Florin Hanțig says:

Ingersoll american classic?

Red Coat says:

I love retro reissue watches like this. I just wish it would have been automatic with that same numbered dial and some lume but its still great for when I go time travelling to 1965 ?

Liery says:

They didn't mention the movement as it's a undersized ladies' seagull? There're a quite a few attributes buyers wouldn't desire to be associated with.

Josh Charlat says:

And then…there are those of us who are taking a serious look at large pilot's watches with big luminous numbers simply because we unfortunately need GLASSES to read because we're well past 55!! I shake my head…

Josh Charlat says:

Enjoy your ability to chuckle at yourself!!

Embargoman says:

Just what Citizen bought Bulova, Timex could make an automatic watch from Japanese movement, but it will be Seiko source movement and for that, Seiko needs to Acquire Timex so Timex could be part of the Seiko family even though it will be some improvements of Timex being made in Japan and also to reissue some watches from the 1950s era using Japanese movement if Timex where to be owned by Seiko plus add the Datalink watch also a JDM Timex that works with your smartphone and sinks with an app for Android and iPhone.

jthomas says:

Anyone catch the name of that blue suede band he has and referenced? I listened a few times and didn't quite catch it and don't see it referenced in the notes. It's sharp. Company and link? Thanks

Tomas Justine Falconitin says:

I can never forget that Timex wall clock that was shown in the movie Scarface. Look it up, it's when Scarface was counting money in a stockroom ?

Aegis Fury says:

I own the Waterbury 1854.

C Rock says:

“God forbid they make some profit” Haha love it TGV

David Barclay says:

I just ordered a 67 Britain made in mint condition for $130. Just serviced. 100% positive. It’s my birth year and my father was British.

David Barclay says:

It’s actually made in China. I’ll pass and go for vintage. Thanks always for your opinion.

Matthew Reagan says:

Timex just released the Timex marlin with a black dial

John Ayres says:

Hi, what strap have you fitted to your Gold 60's Marlin? Saw it on Snupps……Thanks

Henry Hartley says:

It's a beaut

Mason S says:

Is the movement in the reissue quality or did timex cheap out? Thanks

Paul Durrant says:

would like to get one of these but it seems Timex Ausrralia don't have them and Timex US don't ship to Australia…….also nothing on Ebay

HDnayrb says:

You did not just say your wrist is 6 1/4 in

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