History of the iPod Touch

History of the iPod Touch

Today I’m going to talk about the iPod Touch, the only iPod model you can buy today. We’ll explore why it was developed and why it’s still being sold, when all the other iPod models have been discontinued.
The story of the iPod Touch begins in 2007. By that time, iPods had been around for quite a while, with the first version released in 2001. And by 2007, Apple had already released a number of different models, some discontinued, and some still being sold. There was the iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, iPod shuffle, and iPod Photo. While Apple definitely had a secure footing in the market, competitors were starting to pop up – Zune had just released its first model of MP3 player and was about to release the Zune 80, Zune 4, and Zune 8 – competition for the iPod Classic and Nano lines. Luckily, Apple had something up their sleeve.

Now, the iPhone had already been on the market for about eighteen months in September of 2007. It was wildly popular, with lines hundreds of people long outside Apple stores on the day of its release. Part of its success was the touchscreen interface which, up until that point, really hadn’t been utilized by mobile phone manufacturers. Users were excited about a new, sleek, and attractive design that really seemed to be the future of technology – but there were some problems with the iPhone. For example, many of the people who bought them in the first few days of release were disappointed to find out that they couldn’t actually activate them – AT&T’s servers were just too overwhelmed to handle the number of new iPhone. Others were frustrated that the only way to actually use an iPhone was to purchase a bundled plan with AT&T – which meant leaving their own service provider and paying high costs to a new company that often didn’t have as reliable coverage.

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Elijah Orozco says:

They should promote it more, its perfect for kids , I loved my ipod when i was 11 and lasted years

Leif Lang says:

I remember when the iPod was the king at school! It was cheap enough to get as a birthday or Christmas present and fast enough to be fun during recess. The reason it is dying in sales in my mind is new generations don’t mind giving their kid a phone when they are young when older generations didn’t ever do this. Also, most parents nowadays own a few older touchscreen devices where when I was young they were brand new so there where no devices similar to an iPod to pass down. I think the iPod touch was an item that was popular not because of how good it was (Don’t get me wrong it was good) but because it filled in a nesh in the market at the time that has since been replaced with new devices.

LOL_Puppy_GAMES says:

I’m getting 6th GEN

Edit: I spelled M instead of I’m

Mark Patczai says:

Interesting video, but there are several factual errors in it.
1st generation iPod touch was released in Septemeber 2007, just a few months (not 18 months) after the release of the first iPhone (not the 3G as you said in your video).

Apple Explained says:

I bet none of you knew that it ran iPhone 6.

Tammy Sikora says:

I want a ipod touch

Addison Boyle says:

I still use my iPod 4th gen

Timothy Jacobs says:

MY first iPod this device will always have a special place in my heart

Gaming With Brandon!! says:

6:17what iPhone 6 you mean 4s ? Or iOS 6 ?

WickedVids says:

Me at 6:18 ???
Me in comments ooohhh lol Apple Explained

GamerGodYT says:

*the iphone without calls*

Jze says:

I remember my first iPod touch. It was a white iPod 4 which I loved.

THEN I got my first iPhone (iPhone 4) and well, it became nothing but a paperweight

Gummay YT says:

I have a 4th gen

Joyce Roberson says:

I would have the 3rd generation ipod

jaeden morse says:

I want a ipodtouch 5g

Ethan Jogola says:

My iPod touch 4th gen was my first apple product, and god was it great:)

张昕岩 says:

This is really useful when you are running.I use IPhone XS MAX now.It’s too heavy:(

LOUDMIKE22 says:

dont forget each one came with amazing ear pods,i used to love those in high school,ahhh the good ol days where everything was simple and affordable

Dill Pickle Studios says:

I remember the iPod touch everybody had one when I was in primary 4 in primary school and I just had a iPad mini and everybody else was using Snapchat and I was playing Roblox XD (btw I meant like the newest one) also I think I have the original iPod touch or one of the first

AJ G says:

6:18 what the hell is iphone 6? You mean IOS 6?

Emilia Morisseau says:

I love the iPod stop with the hate I also have one❤️❤️

harampug says:

2007 : Holy shit that is one hella expensive iPhone

2018 : LMAO

Holly G says:

Anyone remember the Ipod shuffle?

Moonie Playz says:

I love the iPod Touch, my first one was from my brother, then my dad got me the 5th Gen Pink! God I hated that wrist strap! But now, i’m using the Golden 34 GB untill i’m 12 (yes im getting a phone in 2019)
So now i’m gonna enjoy the most of my beautiful iPod till September 2019!~

LadiesMan 217 says:

Everyone keeps saying that “just buy an iPhone and use it as an iPod”, if they were to ever release an iPod 7th for $199-299 of course it would most likely have the specs of an iPhone 8. So that’s iPhone 8 specs at $199-299, or would you still just buy an iPhone 6 refurbished for about the same price? Funny huh? This device still has use to be honest.

Joshuaaawhatwhat69 says:

Who missed the old appstore days where we constantly searching for new apps and games

HuMan bEing says:

666 comments I made it 667 aaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaaa

Young dumb and 13 says:

13 hours is the high end I had to keep my plugged or it would never turn on

Adam Apple says:

iPod Touch is the last one standing

Domi723 says:

4th generation was my boy.

Beavey says:

I didn’t get my own cell phone until I could afford one myself in high school so having my iPod touch 3g was huge for me and a lot of other kids at that time. Now it seems like all middle class parents would rather just buy their kids iPhones now even before middle school.

Did Not sub says:

I have the I pod touch 2nd gen. It runs iOS 4.

WatrmelnGames says:

Watching on iPod Touch 6

Mary Scott says:

I’m watching this on an iPod touch

mᑕђเк says:

My first device was the iPod Touch 5th Gen 32 GB blue

Gameplayswithmonisha And more says:

Aha thats so cool! 😀 I have that same exact iPod Touch. I got the blue version of the iPod Touch 6th generation and it works totally great! I even like it better then my iPhone 6 because, my phone 6 randomly shuts down at times. :/ So, soon I will be buyinng the iPhone xs max which I can’t wait for! 😀

sanic the hegehog says:

My first ”phone” was iPod touch 2012

Caleb Alderton says:

iPod Touchs were THE thing for people born in 1999 – 2002

Sara Tuber says:

I have a iPod touch 3 😂 No I do not use it I have a iPhone 7 and IT IS NEVER touched till yesterday I decided to look at it oof it’s kinda bad

Ichthusk says:

The 5th gen was pretty much obligatory for me back in the day. I’d been using a bloody 3DS as an mp3 player for what had felt like an eternity. Before that, I’d made a traumatic experience with a Motorola Defy (when entry level Android phones used to be absolute cancer) And then I ran this thing for years and years until I got an iPad Pro in 2016. Battery is mash now, but I got some good use out of it. Nothing’s worse for a teen than not having their edgy music with them on a trip ;D

DanielWhaaaa says:

6:18 it ran iPhone 6

Carlos Jaramillo says:

My sister has a 16 gb gold iPod touch 6 gen

N & D Productions says:

For some reason my fifth generation iPod has no back camera. I don’t know why.

Edit: Doing a bit of research, now I know why

Violets world says:

Watching on iPod touch

Dong Nguyen says:

To be honest with you, iPod touch 4th generation was my very first Apple product.

Yousef.M Maleki says:

Can you do the history of Iran

Harry Yu says:

One of my favorite apple products

Blazertron says:

My iPod touch 5 is legit dead. It won’t charge, you plug it in, a minute later it says it’s at 100%, when you unplug it, a few minutes later, it turns off because of low battery. I left in on charge for like 5 hours and it didn’t make a difference. Apple are bullshit.

Holly G says:

I remember saving up for the Ipod 4th for like a year before buying it second hand… Those were the days £100 best day of my life when I got it ngl everything went down hill from there.

MrCrayonBoy 911 says:

But Can It Crysis?