Hidden Figures – What You Ladies do for NASA – sub esp


Paul Kryder says:

How could these otherwise-intelligent people live with themselves while treating a segment of their fellow citizens in this manner? It is just so nakedly stupid and absurd, to make the black employees stand all by themselves separated from the others like that. Many of these people held advanced degrees in math, physics, engineering, etc. but they could see the simple stupidity of their racist actions. A ten year old could see it. Absolutely incredible.

Morgan A.M. says:

they’re so butthurt that they’re shaking the hands of the black women my god

Wanda Maximoff says:

Finally, a good man and person to respect the colored, no matter what race.

Bizou Iness says:

Now that's a man yalllll

Romero Brown says:

Now that's what you call class.

밤밤 says:

Nobody is waving towards the black women.

Izzy 369 says:

"I have the right to recognise fine in every colour" 🤩❤❤❤

Jae Pencil says:

I love this

EJplay says:

Carn the Dees

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