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It’s had its ups and downs, TAG Heuer—and perhaps more recently, the ups have been outnumbered by the downs. There’s a positive future on the horizon thanks to the efforts of brand fixer-upper Jean-Claude Biver, but a look to the future isn’t always enough to give us hope—we need to look to the past as well.

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Heuer Carrera 1153
Heuer Bundeswehr 1550 SG
Heuer Monaco 1133G

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fyhfb ass says:

I'd get an auto Tissot, skip Tag, and go straight to Omega.

Adhityan Sridharan says:

Can somebody plz explain me the recent highs and lows of tag? I'm new to this…

Champ Eight says:

Nah man. Buy Rolex

Mark Harris says:

I have a 25 year old T.H. Professional Dive Watch, bought new, has always kept great time

Herb Wandrei says:

Vintage,ok…. not that crazy about the newer ones although I do like the Monaco's

brunofedchin5 says:

Review the frederique constant worldtimer

Mark Michael says:

TAG . More time in repair shop than on your wrist …

Maison David says:

Idk much about horology, but to me Tag Heuer watches has always looked the best, combining elegance, while looking stylish and sporty at the same time.

Dennis Sanders says:

Original Heuer – hell yes, Tag Heuer – Never ever ever

Shane Warburton says:

I like the 1000 series

astheskyfalls says:

Would like an original Heuer ,,, not so keen on the TAG iterations … out of curiosity have you ever reviewed a Fortis watch?

George says:

I am planning on buying a Tag as my first luxury timepiece, and with my budget I can either afford the F1 quartz chronograph, or automatic without cronograph. Any advice?


Too bad the Monaco watch is not in good condition, needles etc

MCFC ok says:

Since when’s a watch that costs over a grand entry level?
Entry level is like Seiko n Tissot

jorge godines says:

I have the Aston Martin, and the CR7

mavallarino says:

Esercito, Eh-zher-chee-toh 😉

John Pinner says:

Heuer is a Great watch Sorry TAG is Not

Transaction Coordinator says:

That Bundeswehr is beat up!

udor nyc says:

I love my TH Professional 200m Two Tone WK 1121 watch. It's functional and an attractive watch, no matter if wreck diving off Long Island (NY), hiking in the mountains nearby, or going to the Met (Opera)… I really, REALLY love the versatility of that watch.

Sparsh Rastogi says:

screw what the snobs say. i have a heuer monaco, monza, autavia and carrera. their vintage stuff is amazing. even the newer models with heuer branding are good.

Daniel Terry says:

Shame the aqua racer movement is covered in plastic

00Shot says:

I just don’t really like the newer watches. They just look meh.

MG2112 says:

Excellent video. Love the history.

J T says:

formula series are shitters.

A Bajaj says:

Another shitter….

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