HARDEST LEVEL SO FAR | Spyro Reignited Trilogy (Remake) – Part 4

This level in Spyro will always be the biggest pain!
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Outro animation created by Pixlpit:

Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here

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Ender mc says:

Poor Robin had to do all that work i feel so bad

Odin Lilleeng says:

Hello (sorry for my bad english)

Amber Vallance-cole says:

You have to use all the super charge ramps to get to the areas. Its tricky, I hope that hint helps

HetaliaRussiaFan 01 says:

Those things are such "Pumba" clones! XDDDD

Zoe Kyles says:

That swamp level is hard as FU#%! Especially catching those two egg thieves on the speed track level.

Jack Hughes says:

“I love murder, it’s so fun!” there is no next episode

The next week:
“Breaking news, YouTube let’s player, Jack Septic Eye, has disappeared. People are speculating he’s been detained by the government.”

Abigail Niebauer says:

When your animater animates this series you should be riding spyro I think that would be cool

Shimmer Wolf Arts says:


Goldenglare_thewindeater says:

While I don’t like the redesign of Spyro, it’s significantly less of an eye sore than the skylanders attempt.

Edit: also there’s some super charge chasers in Spyro 2.

Remember when you over did the speed the second go around with the double speed boosters? Do that then glide to the plateau.

ResidentEvilShrill says:

So, where's the sound effects?

ShaneLovesBambi42 says:

"You ate me!"

FIREBIRD476 says:

"Wrong game Donkey Kong" is it just me or does that sound like something Adam Sandler would say? 😂

Anthony Hojnowski says:

Hey, Jack! You seem to really love this game so if it’s not to much to ask, after you’ve finished, could you do a speed run? Robin streamed it all in about 4hrs

Dog_lover_101 Doge says:

I love you’re videos !

alice locked says:

this is my first experience of spyro and i absolutely lobe it <3

Riley Hansen says:

Your the proest gamer ever

Sasha Janre says:

Honest to God I used the 99 live cheat code to ease my stress while doing that speed run jump. Open the pause menu and input R2 L2 R2 L2 Up Up Up Up Circle

IrisSonata says:

The "Tree Tops" is the ONLY lv i had to cheat for 100%. I would have NEVER figured it out X-X. Everything else was easy if you look hard enough~ I almost thought you figured it out as I watched tho and was getting jelly XD.

That one derp says:

19:40 legit he said 4:30 it is 4:30 for me , coincidence much lol.

dunkyn Giblin says:

I beleive those plane sounds are from sky captain from the nintendo wii

iWisd0M5d says:

Cletus dragon sounded like Reinhardt from overwatch

sonic the hedgehog 1992 says:

still waiting for infamous 2 remake

jonathan parks says:

Hey jack will you ever play fallout 76?

Alice White says:

Does he know that the PS4 controller changes colour depending on sparks colour? 😊

klausiboy kristensen says:

I was wondering how Jack would deal with the infamous Tree Tops. Haven't watched that part of the video yet, looking forward to it

Darkwar Plays says:

U wait to warn me until I type it

Darkwar Plays says:

Yes Is mine

Someone Human says:

for some reason when he said "i love reinhardt" (how the fuck you spell his name i dont pay attention) it made me think of some weird thing where jack and him are naked and "playing" with eachother and kissing and shit

also i know i can just…

do this to hide that but im an asshole so eh…