Google Sheets – Full Tutorial 2018

Google Sheets – Full Tutorial 2018

Learn all of the basics of using Google Sheets. This tutorial covers everything that you need to know to start using Sheets.
– Start – Creating a Sheet
– 4:58 Format your Sheet
– 13:14 Use cell references
– 20:39 Create formulas
– 26:56 Sort and filter


sha p says:

Thank you so much sir , sir when i am importing existing xls sheet it is removing all my functions/micros , how can i import my sheet with all formulas intact ??? plz help me.

Marc Van Poucke says:

It would be good to add that you can automatically select the width of a column by double clicking on the border of the cell or column.

ບ່າວໂສດ ຮັກປະຊາທິປະໄຕ says:

Thank you for tutoring

Grace Manabat says:

Thank you for this!

Nick Loves says:

Thank you so much for creating this!

Jewel Rana says:

How can I write phone code in spread sheet like +61. Please…

Ayaz Shamasov says:

Thank you

Cindy says:

Perfect! Thanks so much!!

Melissa Allis says:

Thank you for creating a very helpful and easy to follow video! Great job!!!

william gasingan says:

You may have the other else,prodcedures come much more than easy!

Esteban Hidalgo says:

minute 19:34 instead of a comma is ;

Patricia Walker says:

This tutorial was very helpful. I am trying to set up a spreadsheet for tracking investments. I am trying to enter my formulas. When I enter a formula that is dividing one cell from another I get an error message saying I cannot divide by 0. I don’t know what I am doing wrong? How do I enter the formula with no numbers yet entered?

Michael Ross Murphy says:

Nice basic demo. Also enjoyed the background sounds of one or more White-breasted Nuthatches…

Alison Taylor says:

Really clear.  Had several tips I didn’t know before.  Thanks!

McLeRoy Office says:

IS there anyway to group spreadsheets together under one header? Have several companies that I would like to create separate folders for

Mike Thompson says:

Hi. You seem like the guy that might be able to help me out! I’m a complete newbie at this spreadsheet stuff, but I’m trying find someone that can help me import just the first and last bit of data, from the first row of a table.
I’d like someone to help me retrieve some info from this site:
I’m looking to only import the first date and last date from the first row. I’ve figured out this, so far:
I see that it’s table 3, but I don’t want to import the entire table, just the first date in row one and another code for the last date in row one. Could you be so kind to help me create these 2 codes? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! THANK YOU!!

Nancy CubaCanada says:

Thank you for the video, very good content. I will like to move the numbers down after the header so I can list some products. Sorry I cant found how do that.

stuntard says:

Great tutorial, thanks for sharing.

Dharvinder Singh says:

How can we copy formula for all columns automatic

Rajat Kumar says:

hi sir my google sheet vary vary slow my sheet cell 30000 yet how to solution plz

Baron zz says:

Awesome that was exactly what I needed… Thanx mate.

Elena Kovalenko says:

Can you help me with my problem, please?
I created a table with a cell named "Status" and it is located in C3, for example. As well i created a dropping-down menu for this cell with 3 components. I need the colour of a whole range of cells to be changed according to the condition of this "status" cell – if one component is chosen – it should change to, say, red colour. If the second – to some other and so on

I'm Mariama says:

Wow great

Kevin Bigander says:

Hey man, I was trying to do this thing where I have B2 show only 30 percent of A2

Anthony Gachathi says:

Thats one informative video. I feel like an expert already. Thank you so much.

Harry Pramana says:

hi , i have a quetion, i have data membership with fomat (di,name,gender,address, picture) that data entry through google form, in excel for picture coloumn, only show the link address of picture that save in other folder, how to display in excel?
thanks b4.

Ezio Auditore says:

When I try to use a function, the text cursor thing (the line that shows where you are going to type) keeps going typing backwards and I cant change it!

Amir Nsr says:

Thank you so much this is amazing

Kelvin Kersey says:

Is there some major fault in google sheets? Why do they have to keepbupdating it all the time with massive 35Mb downloads? It wastes so much of my time

John Doe says:

Used this for a school project and my teacher loved it!

Ryvre1 says:

This is great I told my new bosses in my interview I loved spreadsheets and knew how to do them, now I can pretend I’m just a little rusty but fumble my way through it.

Phoebe Mickey says:

Hi, I’m trying to merge cells 2,3 & 4 in the A column and when I go to format > merge cells, it won’t allow me to this without affecting the B column next to it. How do I merge the 3 cells on top and below each other only? Thanks