Golden Buzzer SINGERS On America’s Got Talent 2016 | Grace Vanderwaal Sal Valentinetti & More

Golden Buzzer Singer Auditions & Moments from America’s Got Talent 2016! Including Grace Vanderwaal, Sal Valentinetti & Calysta Bevier!
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Rania hamdi says:

ALSSA how dare you lying saying that you live in the most boring town on the planet? you don't live with me

Mr Magic Dragon says:

Imagine if the first one was a singer 😁 would be the best thing the world has ever had in billions of years

Karina Rodríguez says:

Can i go their does it cousee money

xxkawaiirosevlogs says:

Omg I’m from Baltimore Maryland like that girl

Riley Hughes says:

What a good voice they all have 🤗😯 OMG

Park Min sang says:

And the girl who sang the fight song… don't cry <:3

Park Min sang says:

Yasssssss!!!! Fight song!!!!!! (Me fave song hehe :3)

Betsy Nardini says:

6:54 – Simon planning how he is going to deliver the golden buzzer

Susanna Rosangpuii says:


Karla Valencia says:

I can beat you up little girl so stop

Kylie Galagarza says:

Am I the only one who cried?

Zarnaih Marchessa says:

pray for the janitor

xYes, Im That Awesomex says:

Is it just me or does anyone else think grace vanderwaal wasn’t super amazing and just ok. It sounded like she was straining her voice a little

GachaNatalie says:


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Richard Horton says:

The one singer I just don't understand the hype for is Grace Vanderwaal. Yes, she has a decent voice, but golden buzzer worthy?

Milou Achermann says:

Die die als letztes gesungen hat ist so süss

linda mathison says:

Why do they have to have singers.Those guys have three other shows they can get on.yes they are good but.They are not the only ones with talent. Please give the other talents more of a chance. SINGERS DANCERS.SO TIRED

Gerard Piqué & Shakira says:

Mr bean holydays

Girly Girl says:

Am I the only one who actually cried in some of these