Fred Astaire Cuts Loose: 1970 Oscars

Fred Astaire Cuts Loose: 1970 Oscars

Fred Astaire and Bob Hope present the Academy Awards for Documentary Feature to Bernard Chevry for Arthur Rubinstein – The Love of Life, and for Documentary Short Subject to Denis Sanders and Robert M. Fresco for Czechoslovakia 1968 at the 42nd Academy Awards. Orchestra conducted by Elmer Bernstein.


AnnetteWhat a Blessings Mcintee says:

He got them Moves πŸ€—

MrMichaelpaul45 says:

The 42nd Academy Awards were presented April 7, 1970, at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, California.I was just thinkng 5 months later Jimmy Hendrix died 18th September,then in October 4th 1970 Janice Joplin died.I know it has nothing to do with theThe 42nd Academy Awards just saying that’s all.

Jerry D'Arezzo says:


Charles Coogan says:

Coolest Video
That Was Class

Birajara Ramos says:

Dança muito. Adorei.

Kanisto says:

Pretty sad dude

Tamar Goletiani says:

It’s amazing!!

PhoneWalletKeys says:

When celebrities had class and weren’t a bunch of mindless leftist assholes.

Fionna Adeline says:


Aswad * says:

Fred Astaire+Gene Kelly+James Brown+ Sammy Davis Jr.= Michael Jackson= Prince= Janet Jackson= Paula Abdul= Beyonce=Bruno Mars. REMEMBER YOUR HISTORY CHILDREN!!

Ellen Faggiano says:

Those were the days!!! When you could watch the Oscars and not cringe!!πŸ˜–

Aaliylah Isaac says:

Fred was a G πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

James Aria says:

Sir you were born to dance.And that should of been a standing ovation.

Bucky Brown says:

I worked with Fred many moons ago. A great talent(of course)and a nice man. Taught me a lot(but I still can’t dance). A true legend. Wanna see me? Here I am –

Truthfears Guilty says:

chicken’s pubic bone, fred astaire had lost it after mid 1940’s. thank you very much.

Vic Namegogan says:

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barry hambly says:

Just the best nobody was as good as Fred he just had the gift of that body shape and could move better than anyone full stop

Rob J says:

When Hollywood had class, style, and the stars were genuinely grateful to their audience and fans no matter how big or small an appearance, total humility no preachiness or entitlement.

Nx Doyle says:

There are geniuses and, burning just as brightly, there are freaks. Fred Astaire was a freak.

Janice Smyth says:

Good grief, Fred that fantastic.

β€’ AllieCatOfficial β€’ says:

3:43 to about 3:47 shows alot of MJ’s influence.

Jill Greenwell says:

What a man Fred 71 gosh love him

Kristina Irmer says:


Renata Limarzi says:

This i what I call CLASS!!
Pure talent!!!!

webdelisi says:

Who believes he’s dead now.

Mikey Trahant says:

Wow. Just WOW!!

Laura Brauer says:

Couldn’t dance anymore, my ass.

Jax Nean says:

Those are some gigantic ears!

Kelvin Soo says:

Think most if not all the people here including the audience are gone by now.

James Benton Ticer says:

Im 34, if i tried to do that i’d kill myself.

triple ooo says:

THE BEST !!!!!!

black panda says:

Wtf is this white man doing?

sjtom57 says:

Way back when the Oscars was still a classy show.

Pendejo says:

He still got it ladies and gentlemen!

Jon Pike says:

You want 3:23 for the dancing, And be damned, the dancing is good. Legend!

One Eye Hurley says:

I saw a guy on main and franklin street with a colt 45 dancing like this

Ryan Koehler says:

Hes so damn cool!!!

Vantheman12 Welshman says:

He never had a lesson in his life……….

Dapper Jones says:

Bob Hope should have got the ignorant audience to it’s feet after such a performance from a super star at 71 years of age even. yes I wonder if Fred thought what a dull lifeless audience they are, I bet it was the worst audience Fred Astaire ever faced in his whole career

Byron Tsusaki says:


Will Santiago says:

he’s amazing:)

No Bozos says:

I love Fred Astaire. His paired dances were brilliant, but he couldn’t hold a candle to The Nicolas Brothers.

Swakara1 says:

This is what I call swagger!

bubblegumboobs says:

Brilliant! 😍❣

Itsonly Me says:

Very good, he was even better when with Ginger!

Jason O'Leary says:

Horrible dancing.. feel embarrassed for him and his family

Ms. Christian says:

Ahhh Fred, you had me at ‘first tap’! Wow, so amazing… grace, style, finesse, and sheer beauty in motion… Love always,

Colt James says:

I realize he was the great Fred Astaire, a master of his time, but my Uncle Roy did this exact same routine last Thanksgiving trying to go from the living room to the bathroom after drinking half a case of beer.

Jorge PΓ©rez PΓ©rez says:

Que baile tan chingon.